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With this post, I'd like to introduce @yashtanga to the Hive Blockchain.

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Introduction post of @yashtanga

Original Video publication on 3speak

The Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School has a team of content managers made up of photographers such as

@infinitygraphy - (Introduction Post)


@veerya (a true artist)

Having had the opportunity and pleasure to be one of @yashtanga's students at the Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School for a few classes, I was stunned at how humble and inspiring Yashpal Rautela (@yashtanga) is.

Referring himself as a Yoga practitioner, @yashtanga imparts the notion of an individual who is humbled by the vastness and treasure of Yoga and eastern philosophies. His school with it's wonderful teachers truly convey to their students that yoga is much more than just doing asanas.

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Motivated to use the Hive Blockchain for publishing and sharing content, I experienced the Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School as very open minded towards new Technology. Introducing them to things like Hive and EVM compatible Chains and various l2 solutions, they seemed impartial and instantly realised Hive's technological advantage in terms of a bulwark solution for publications and the significance of Hive's collaborative efforts to make dapps as a community.

Being from the @swisshive, our Community encourages new users, specially content creators such as artist to use Hive to post, invest and stake if they are able to. Accompanying people on their journey, it's very interesting to understand how entrenched patterns and rituals from conventional and ubiquitously used apps make it unusual for the mainstream legion to alternate. We have been delegating RC's and Hive to new users and motivate their endeavours. We also notice when they stop posting and remove our delegations after a certain time period due to inactive accounts.

Hive is a great tool for anyone to publish and share data streams and feeds that insures data ownership for content creators. Whether time stamping photos, videos or text, the alternative is distinctively separate and deviates from popular and more commonly used apps. Hive kind of like a new internet, because the old one is rigged. If more people would understand this, they might also use the Hive Blockchain. Support me in making others aware of this by upvoting this post and the two introduction posts above.

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“You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts."
-Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

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You are doing a great work here, spreading the Yoga word around different part of the world and sharing different forms of Yoga as well.
I am a Yoga practitioner as well, and I have started the path to become a teacher. Our approach is the Maha Siddha and I am really liking it and enjoying the challenges and results on the path.


One can feel your energy permeating beyond these blocks my fellow yogi aspirant. Also stretching my twigs towards the light, beyond purusha and in the presence of prakriti.. The stillness… always feel as if this is just the very beginning of this journey.

So humbled by all these amazing opportunities to meet such divine individuals as you.