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How to do a Squat Clean?

A squat clean is a movement through which I get to bring a heavy external object from the floor to the front rack using a deep squat.

It is a functional movement that requires the activation of muscle fibers throughout the body.

Execution steps:

Starting position: feet hip-width apart, hands on grooved part of bar with hook grip, base of laces just below bar. The back should be in extension and the gaze forward.

The tips of the elbows are pointed out as a result of the internal rotation of the arms.

First Pull (Slow): This first pull will bring the bar from the ground to your knees. The arms are relaxed, fully extended and internally rotated. Looking forward and weight on the heels.

Second pull (faster): Once past the knees, we seek to print more speed to the bar until we reach the middle of the thigh.
Keep the bar close to your body. Engage your lats to pull the bar.

You shouldn't flex your arms yet. These must remain extended pulling the load.

Third pull (even faster): We explosively extend the hip and apply maximum speed to the bar (passing through it) to get the body under and receive the bar on the front rack in a front squat.

The heavier the bar, the less height I can give it and the faster and deeper I have to get under it.

Recovery: The bar will rest on your shoulders with your elbows raised and your hands relaxed. The trunk must remain in tension with the inspired air. After that, we ascend until completing the extension of the hips and knees.

Muscles worked:

-Hip flexors.

  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps.
  • Trapeze.
  • Twins.
  • Lumbar.
  • Deltoid.

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