How to Win /victory splinterlands Big battles against strong army

Dear Friends splinterlands lovers !
every one want to make splinterlands account powerful, some people has big level cards, some has low level cards, but i have all level 1, and now my aim is to increase their level,

but dear friends, its not mean that you can not defeat level 3 or 4 summoner army, you can defeat them, you can win battle against big players,

so in this game, you can see my cards monster are level one, but my opponent has level 3 summoner and all monsters are level 3, so i placed my monster in best plan, so at the end of the battle, i got victory

so i always try to motivate new splinterlands players that keep focus on good plan, and try to learn every rules of splinterlands

if you have good knowledge of cards abilities then you will get chance to win battle against big level players

so in below link you can visit this battle, and see how i placed my monster at the best position and got victory

Battle Screenshot



round 3


round 8


Dear friends ,
if you want to win, earn DEC coin, then play daily and try to complete every quest daily, if you play to win quest , you need to learn basic rules of splinterlands, so hope you will learn good points from my this post so keep learn from every battle, if you will learn then victory will be in your hands

link battle



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