Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge || A battle with Cursed Windeku in which Cursed Windeku crushed the opponent's strongest monster.




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This week's theme monster card is crushed and it is a very powerful monster card. But before I write about this week's battle, I'll share my last week's performance with you all at the end of the season.

I haven't been able to play the spliterlands game for the past two seasons due to a lot of household commitments, but I was very sick for the past ten days, which is why I got the five season ending chests yesterday.

This season I will try my best to at least reach the gold league and it is possible if I battle every day with a plan.

Here is the screenshot of the reward I got at the end of this season. Now let me tell you about this week's battle, which I won in a very strong and impressive manner. I think this battle will be one of the best battles in Crushed Monster.

If you also want to participate in the weekly battle challenge, then you must follow this official account of splinterlands.

in last season , i got total five 0.092+0.012 splinterlands (SPS) , two legendary portion chargesi and one Pelacor Mercenary monster card. now i will stake my sps and wil hold them for long time, then i will buy more packs from the sps coin if the price of sps increase in the future.

So let's move on to my battle of the week.

My Battle line up

This battle was a total of 24 mana and I chose a total of four monsters. All the monsters fought a great battle in this battle and the opponent has to suffer a heavy defeat. The most important battle in this battle is the theme monster, which has destroyed the enemy's strong front line monsters due to its strength and excellent ability.

Because in any battle, it is very important to destroy the monsters in the front row of the opponent, which stirs up the ranks of the enemy, and the opponent always wants the monster fighting in this first position to be strong so that the opponent is more powerful.

If more damage can be done than in this battle, the theme monster has destroyed the first row of the opponent in a very good way.



I chose THADDIUS BROOD summoner in this battle. I chose this summoner because I thought that if my opponent chooses magic attacking monsters, this summoner will reduce the magic power of all the opponent's monsters by negative one and thus their health by negative one. It affects Because if seen, in 24 mana battle every user must use magic attack monster. Also, this week's theme monster belongs to the Death family, so I think THADDIUS BROOD summoner is the best choice in this 24 mana battle.


In this battle, the theme monster was placed first because CURSED WINDEKU has the ability to fight in the first row. If CURSED WINDEKU is placed in its first position according to the battle rules, this monster is capable of defeating any level opponent. In this battle, CURSED WINDEKU destroys the opponent's strongest monster. CURSED WINDEKU has the ability that if the opponent attacks with a melee attack, it has the ability to withstand the opponent's attack and deal double damage, and this is what happened in this battle. Severe damage has been done.


I tried in this battle lineup to win the battle by putting the best monsters in their best position, I put Magi Necrosi in the second position, I chose this monster because it has a great fast magic attack. ability and the other is a range attacker monster that does magic attacks. The total mana cost of this monster was 6. I currently have two cards and would like to level up magi necrorsi to level two in the future. In this battle, the magi Necrosi fought very well.


i placed DEATH ELEMENTAL at 3rd position in line up becuase it has ranged magic attack ability. total mana cost is around 3 mana . it is RARE Death Unit and has great fighting ability. death elemental has great ability to defeat any level opponent in the battle but requirement it that we need to place it at best position acording to the battle rule. so in this battle death elemental played very well and got good position to fight in the battle.


i placed SILENT SHA-VI at the last position in the battle. it has sneaky ability of attack and always demages the last place monster of opponenet in the battle. when i was selecting the monster for this battle, i thought i will must select one sneaky ability monster in the battle that would demage the last place monster of the opponent in the battle so i think SILENT SHA-VI is the best monster for attacking the last position monster of the opponent side. so SILENT SHA-VI proved in the battle that it is one of the monster that can demage any range level monster in the battle.


Battle Review


When this battle started, when I saw my opponent's line-up, I initially felt that my line-up was weak compared to my opponent's and the reason for this was that my opponent chose Goblin Psychic in his line-up. And Goblin psychic is a healing tank that has the ability to heal part of the health of the monster in the first position at the end of each round and before the start of the second round.

But as soon as the battle started, the opponent's Naga Assassn monster first attacked my theme monster and damaged it, but in the counterattack, Magi Necrosi, equipped with my magic attack, attacked the opponent's very important monster, which has the ability of healing tank.

I had already killed it in the first attack and thus this damage caused severe damage to my opponent's monster and I was also threatened by the same monster that if it survives to the second round, it would not be able to defeat my monster. But his destruction in the second attack of the first round proved to be the first step towards my victory.



in second round my monsters fought very well and destroyed two more monsters of the opponent in the second round, over all in the second round battle was in my favor but there was need to destroy the the first line up of the opponent side.




CURSED WINDEKU destroyed the main monsters of the opponent in round three and after the death of the main monster of the opponent then there was only monster left that my monsters killed very easily and i got victory in this battle.i feel that it is the best battle of the CURSED WINDEKU that he played very well in this battle. dear friends, if you are new players of the splinterlands then i will give you one advise that always try to place the every monsters on best position according to their fighting ability , because in this way you can defeat any level monsters in the battle . in this battle over all my opponent was strong but my correct placement of the monster brought this victory to my side. so i am very much happy after getting this victory.


Battle Result/Link


i am very much happy after getting success in this battle but if you want to watch my this battle live on splinterlands blockchain then you can visit this given link Battle Result/Link


  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

there is no doubt that my all strategy worked very well , i placed all monster in best place according to their ablity of fight , i love to place them always at different position in different battle to learn more about their fighting skills.

  • Do you like CURSED WINDEKU? Why or why not?

i like CURSED WINDEKU very much becasue of its great power of fight. CURSED WINDEKU curshs its opponent strongly in the battle so reason of its crushing ability of fight i like it very much.

Dear my friends and splinterlterlands family , i tried to explain every points of the battle very clearly and i have great hope that my this battle article will be helpful for the new players of the splinterlands but if i made any mistake in this post or regarding the placement of the monster , i need more guide line from my senior players of the splinterlands. thank you so much for reading my this battle challenge post.


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