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There was a time when we used web1 and on web1 we could read something on slow internet and then as soon as we saw web2 made its place and with web2 social media started growing.

And web2 began to allow the user to create an account and thus Facebook, YouTube came into being with web2.

Thus the age of web3 has come today. web3 is now making the user the owner of its own account.

Now web3 is making its user account owner. web3 respects freedom of expression, while web2 snatches freedom. There is no boss in web3 community whereas web2 makes you subordinate to boss. In this video I have briefly talked about web2 and web3. hive blockchain and 3speak are web3. Change your life on #hive and #3speak blockchain.


I'm Yousaf ,my profession is teaching, writing, i love food, travelling,photography and splinterlands gaming, and sportstalks and 3speak very much. i am using hive since 2017.

if you love to read about love, you want to get motivation , if you like #nature #thoughts #yousafthoughts #photography #food #love then follow my blog. you will find every text that will give you satisfaction to your sould, my purpose of every talk and text is to give you satisfaction, if you will read i will get satisfaction.

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yousaf mean beautiful and thoughts mean thinking, feeling, so its mean beautiful thoughts, positive feeling, if you want to read positive thoughts or you want to write beautiful thoughts then use #yousafthoughts thank you very much for reading my post, plz write comments under video or text to guide me more about this topic.

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