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RE: Please bench the follow user for reward pool abuse

in #abuselast year (edited)

This guy is a nasty piece of work, i wish he'd leave the blockchain completely.


Shut up bro! You are a nasty piece of work! I'm not leaving anywhere! I wish u'd leave how do you like it! I wasn't bothering you for the longest time!

Here is how it works: if you get benched, you WILL NOT even show up here. So, yeah, if this goes through you will be.

This could have gone a few different ways: your response is dictating it.

Fine do what you will! I don’t care if I don’t show up on sportstalk! It’s not that big a deal to me! I flag your accounts, abh123, and referee 1-12 ? forever once it’s done!
Your currency is kinda crappy, everyone makes like 29k sports! i make like a tiny drip! Not worth it to me if i need to cater to you!

Fine I guess sportstalk isn’t for @honusurf!

The END!

If you dont care why dont you just go away?

Your posts are spammy and it is obvious you dont care about quality, only milking the tribes.

This could have easily been rectified by posting less, with more substance, or using the sportstalk tag less.

Instead you wish to be insufferable. If you want to go out with a middle finger go ahead: you wont because you care more about yourself and your rewards.

If you decide to you will simply be a small bug in the ear, nothing more.

O.K I will get rid of most of those tags for my sports posts, I just noticed the tags do look a little over the top and spammy from my phone. Sorry! I’ll post no more than once a day and edit the posts and make sure there are no duplicate pics from now on!
You can still block me if you must!
I wasn’t done with the blog yet, i planned on the improving it now that I got feedback!