Sad about STS

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It's been a little while since this image has made an appearance but for fucks sake, enough is enough.

From the community guidelines

I'll now be spending most of my downvoting power and using @referee1 on the following accounts until they are blacklisted or change their approach.

@venzy, @factum, @chimzycash, @vanessa123, @dottieedith, @america-dad, @steemhive, @nieberriee, @oladejijoseph

and what a surprise, dotties first post:

@zanny, @johnwaleola, @valerie123, @preciousbaby, @chimzysports, @nosky, @designeetribes, @immanuel123, @tfame3865 - alts with stake that should be benched.

What's up @hilltop?

Costing you a few STEEM here and there to hide your bullshit isn't it?

@tfame3865, what's happening man?

@tosyne2much - could you contact this/these member/s and have a word please?


wow..i never expect that too many persons are farming. It's not good for the community. sad :(

Very sad.

hope that we can get rid of it..i will try to help about this issues for the community.

Joining you with my small stake - thanks for pointing this out

Thanks. Hopefully the referee system can help also.

fingers crossed and good luck

Lest we forget @bat-junior ....

from @oladejijoseph

A never-ending list :(

hello sir why you down vote my post my post dlike not copy paste

Where is leadership who can imho cut through some red tape clearly hasn't worked and take care of effn business? js <3

I'd like to see some action from the top at times but at least something is there to help, more than many tribes can say.

Get clicking!

I've done more than my fair share,lulz....also the other tribes don't have this amount of tokens or are even solvent. yeah go click or you won't get those big ass upvotes (JOKING) O.o
Is why it's been interesting to see sometimes in the replay room what appears to be more grass roots collaboration then with others, ce la vie ;)

One day I will make sure I 100% understand 100% of one of your comments :D

100% its also relative, so that day might never come! :D At least did you understand mine 10% or more? :))

Lobes gets me and that's someone far from the wrong end of the bell curve. He also is an alien so of course he's evolved af

99% with you here @drlobes :)

they are not meant to be understood, where's the fun in that?
They will resonate with who they will resonate with and same can be said for many of your political replies and comments. I understand some yet question others.

I'll save myself the trouble reading them in future if that is the case!

Political? That's a new one to me :D

it's all politics in the wild west of blogging for magic coins

@referee1 has a penalty box post that would speed things up with your support.

Very good analysis, through an a minnow, still can help you to find out such accounts.

I have seen some accounts which perticular to cricket category and they are mostly into the vote farming.
Even steem cleaner has comment below almost all their articles.

Please help me to know how i can report such account to you.

Yes you can an anon report here:


Thank you for that... I ll bring out the name there

Ah yes, it always appears to be the same group of users. It is a pity that they have to abuse the platform like that and make it bad for everyone else.