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A table and chart showing the most active downvoters in the past 30 days from larger SPORTS stakeholders.

The same report, last month:

There a couple of ways to try and 'protect your stake/investment', one is to shit-post all day long, and another is to seek out content/accounts that are undeserved of their pending rewards.

SportsTalkSocial issued their community guidelines a few weeks ago and if you missed them, they are here:

Basically, rewards should be removed from posts based on:

  • Lacking Sports Focus
  • Plagiarism
  • Fair use policy
  • Harassment
  • Hate Speech
  • Farming
  • NSFW
  • Impersonation

So, stuff like this:

Is not cool.

Or, using images like this:

5th in Trending at the time of writing

No good either, unless you've paid the 1000's of STEEM. If you cite a blog or a newspaper, check the original source here


That's a negative.

There are currently 157 accounts with staked SPORTS totaling over 300,000. This is a mix of main accounts, and delegated accounts - both are included.

The 'referee' and other community accounts have been removed.

And below is what they have been up to in the past 30 days as far as downvotes are concerned.

AccountDV Total100% DV Equivalent
Grand Total1070405.43

35 of our top 157 staked account holders have issued any downvote at all in the past month.

Combined downvote activity from these accounts is in the chart below.

Much better than last month, but it would be nice to have some more assistance.




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Yes and that post and person with the red pic post is being upvoted by oh so many. Can't wait till the elections that are 'rumored'
L'Chaim M8e

This is a problem and a conflict of interest amongst large stakeholders.
That red pic post is upvoted by some big well respected stakeholders and that particular poster supports a number of spammers and has huge stakes and .actnearn etc on a number of tribes where he is supporting people from here who are considered spammers.

I’d say that sums it up well.

Just removed him from my trail and agree we need to be more careful.

Wasn't aware of a spammer relationship either. Whoopsie . I just liked the post content. When it comes to the photo I think that 99.9% of photos on the whole blockchain are taken from google. It will be the reason Steem will go under in my opinion . It is just not on Mr Gettys radar yet. I know it is illegal and we have to ring the author and all that jazz. But how many Steemians will ring a copyright owner for a few cent and some magic beans? I think the onus needs to be on the author and not the moderators here. If they get done for it then so be it. That is their risk . If the source is under the image then I am alright with it really. That is my stance anyway and I will keep going the way I am going here. We can talk about "fair use " until the cows come home. Millions has gone into clarifying what "fair use" is by lawyers who are alot cleverer than myself. And fair use is what Il be chirping if the copyright police ever come after me. Most sports posts are opinion pieces referencing or being critical of a news article. This is considered fair use. My point is if refs go after every images that are not pixabay or free from copyright then they will have a full time job downvoting everyone plus attracting anyone to this platform is going to be extremely difficult. I see google images at the bottom of the list. Actifit posts with no content , all dlike posts, spammers are a much bigger threat to the future of this platform imo. Of course the larger stakeholders have a difference of opinion. Its like a mini version of Steemit we have here and so we have a users from everywhere around the world who have different opinions of how Sports should be talked about. But there definately needs to be more consensus around dlike , actifit and fair use for this platform to move forward.

"is if refs go after every images that are not pixabay or free from copyright then they will have a full time job downvoting everyone plus attracting anyone to this platform is going to be extremely difficult. "


Just removed him from
My trail and agree we need
To be more careful.

                 - cryptoandsports

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Where in gods name has this @airforce account sprung from? Indiscriminate upvoting with 6million SP !!

Flown in out of nowhere 😁

Haha. Just came in. I've started using my downvotes. So I think I'll have more next month!

@airforce has been around for a while and is a good guy and seems to support loads of users.

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Spammers and abuser deserve the red 🔴 arrow down 🔽 😂 one have to be very careful of post to avaoid been downvote

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There is literally so many things that are posted that are plagerism, or spam.. It is hard to check all of them, I have found a lot of plagerism via somebody translating an article and posting it in a different language. I got a few downvotes on someone for that.

Waiting for the day I get a the red arrow down as retaliation!

It has definitely been interesting for me to read and learn over the past month or so how different things are important to different people when it comes to abuse. There are some things that everyone can agree on, but there are others that have the community pretty divided. I think it is always going to be a struggle to crack down on certain things if there continues to be a lack of understanding about what is acceptable and what is not.

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