Barnard 33 - Horsehead Nebula

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Hey Steemians,

I tried to collect a little bit more exposure time on the Horsehead Nebula. Unfortunately, the still bright Moon wasn't my only problem; there were also very much haze and some high clouds so that the faint details aren't that good visible.
However, this was my last imaging session in the constellation Orion for this year. For the other captured images, I'm still looking for some time to edit the pictures and write a @steemstem post about them.

The Horsehead Nebula
Barnard 33

▲ Click on the image for higher resolution ▲

For more information about the photographed animal or plant, please visit the following link.
The Horsehead Nebula on Wikipedia

Camera settings

Camera QHY247C
Lens TSAPO65Q · 420mm · f6.5
Filter Duo Narrowband H-alpha & OIII
Exposure time 28 x 300 sec = 140 min = 2 h 20 min
ISO Unity Gain @ -20°C
Focal length 420mm

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Have a nice day,

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Good one Kevin, lots of detail there and great for 420mm f6.5 and 2 hours exposure. Also Zeta Orionis is nicely suppressed and without reflections in the image which is tough to achieve usually. The only thing is the background seems a touch bright on my screen.

Thank you so much for your kind words Terry :-)
I really like the QHY247C as it has a really good anti-reflex coating on the sensor. I also tried it with a darker background but the overall image was very dark then. Unfortunately, raw images aren't as good as they could be. I don't know if I can get another chance on it before next winter. My goal would be to reach at least 10h of exposure time.

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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Thank you so much @amico :-)
And thank you very much for your support :-)

My pleasure, mate! 🙏🤗

Beautiful shot of the horsehead and flame nebulas. I'm a bit partial to the flame nebula. I think it looks like a a celestial piece of flame maple wood.

I too, like mr. Lovejoy, am wondering how you managed to get it so Alnitak didnt outshine everything with its usual brightness and glare.

I'll be getting into astrophography in a few months and might be pestering you for advice.


Hidave (formally steemydave)

Hey @hidave (steemydave) 😊
Thank you very much for your kind words 😊

The QHY247C has a really good anti-reflex coating on the sensor compared to a QHY163 or ASI1600. On top of this, the Full-Well capacity of the sensor's pixel is quite nice for the pixel size. Also, the narrowband filter will dim the starlight a lot.

Don't hesitate to ask anything. I would be glad to answer your questions, and @terrylovejoy would it be too 😊


Thanks for the reply Kevin! What will be your next target to photograph? Whatever it is I'm sure I'll be ogling it once you post it. As for me, I'll be posting again in the Astronomy community pretty soon.

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