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RE: Thoughts on SPI, JAHM and LEO, plus Actifit report for October 29 2019

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Thanks for all the hard work you’ve been putting in - for spinvest-leo, curating heavy in reggaesteem and steem.leo, and just, in general, being a solid steemian, mate.

Appreciate the mention @jk6276

Let’s keep it going 🙌🏼

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I think I have taken on board some of @theycallmedan's work. If we want things to happen around here, get in and make em happen. Trying my best and appreciate all those compliments mate. Just gotta balance a bit and get some stuff done around the house so the wifey doesn't crack the shits at me about too much time on the puter.

Onwards and upwards.

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Right - that’s the only way ... through action. Get in and get it done is RIGHT

Haha surely a balancing act. Want to make sure you’re pulling the weight around the house, surely. Wifey must be kept happy, this is more important than steeming

Nonetheless, onwards and upwards we go

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