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RE: I finally hit the diamond league: December 9 2019

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hi @ketcom

Congratulation buddy. I've noticed that you're very big on Splinterlands. Is that game very addictive?



Thanks @crypto.piotr.

Woo! Big on Splinterlands? I don't think so, the big guys are in the Championship league.

I only started playing less than 2 months ago.

As regards the game been addictive, I think it depends on the player. For me it is an investment that you enjoy playing to increase the rewards you receive.

I play to complete my daily quest ones a day and if I feel I have spent too much time on one level I then play before my daily quest comes out to increase my ratings.

So for me it isn't. And I think if you focus on completing your daily quest for which you get reward cards then it won't be addictive.

Big thx for your comment @ketcom and sorry for such a late reply.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

Could you please check out also my recent post if you have few min and share your thoughts on questions related to concept of "introducing steem blockchain to businesses":

Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr