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RE: A day hiking around Rovaniemi

in #actifitlast year

I know that feeling! Good job on the step count, though! That's a good hike...

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Perfect for training them dance legs right? ;) How've you been ddr? Had a chance for a vacation yourself since you became a father?

You know, my wife and I got a night out back in August. It was a lot of fun, had this nice historic hotel stay, it was fun. Planning a trip to Japan for May of next year, though I'm playing tour guide on that one. That's gonna be more work than play, but it'll be an enjoyable work.

It's funny you mention dance legs. I've run two 10ks in the past 96 hours. I'm exhausted, and might be coming down with a cold on top of that...

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Keep stacking those layers ;). Oh man Japan sounds great. Though I am unsure I would be able to do much due to the restrictions for people with tattoos. Where did you stay exactly, a hotel close by?

I usually use the khaosan hostel chain. They career to foreigners, and the accommodations are very cheap. You just need a place to sleep and shower, and it does the job just fine, even for 197cm tall me.