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RE: When the fog freezes in the trees - Actifit: December 21 2019

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Hoar frost is so pretty but can create havoc from downed power lines and trees to black ice on the roadways. Beautiful pictures BTW. Great job on your 17001 @actifit steps! Have a wonderful evening😽


Thanks, @elizabethbit! I’m surprised to hear that hoar frost can bring down power lines. I think of it as so light, like fuzz. But I do remember seeing pictures of really thick hoar frost, so that does make sense!

I guess I was tired when I posted my comment; I've seen hoar frost that ends up transitioning into what we call a silver thaw and that is what brings the power lines down. I had a long day yesterday and was tired, lol. Have a wonderful night.

Oh, no worries at all. It actually made me think about it and I realized that it's probably not just pretty! All of those icicles would definitely get heavy. I actually got really interested in this phenomenon after making that post, and wrote another called "What Causes Hoarfrost?" I found some amazing pictures on Pixabay to supplement my own!