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Working out helps with all the news?

I am not sure but I went for it anyway.

Got a bit excited and blasted myself with the ideas these news brought to the community. Then, because my head was going around and around, I worked my ass off to spend some energy to normalize my biological sensors. Well deserved I can tell you that. It was what I just needed it.

The best path?

Often (most of the times) the best path is actually learn and try to adapt. Being stubborn is usually signs of eminent failure. It's just a question of time.

I have historical poof. Portuguese are one great example of adaptability and nation that does not get blocked by stubbornness. I would say (speaking for myself) we are a civilization that wishes to strive, be inclusive, welcoming and strive together for a better outcome.

Because of those principles, adaptation is a must. We must mold to what the future reserves. See the positives, amend the negativism and prepare for the upcoming challenges.

TRON is...

I don't really know right now. I have some good experience on EOS type of blockchains, and I like some inherited benefits from that technology that got into TRON. Although there are other things that I still find hard to know they will work well on decentralized communities.

STEEM is particularly interesting, because the large community onboards WAY more interesting minds that almost ANY other blockchain. I am serious...

There are users... and then USERS!

Many networks and blockchains claim to have many more users than STEEM. An in some sense this is true. But in terms of diversity and the scope of interactions these users do, STEEM wins by far to almost any other community (in my view).

We have almost ANY kind of skills distributed and proved across the network. Hence we represent a much more truthful population some consider by the name of community.

@justinsunsteemit, I trust you will be wise to use this value I just mentioned about the network. It's not just monetary valued anymore. It's everyone behind the scenes that don't necessarily yet have their values reflected on the chain, but that with time have more to invest that investors could cover with FIAT inputs.

I will be supporting the STEEM community

No matter if the business drives things away, I just don't want to loose this. It is too much dear to me. Love all the shits and greats... Simply the best side roller coaster of my life (the main side is probably whay you should be doing, living...).

Cheers 👍 ✔️ 📈

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by @forykw

Chasing Pokemons


Yes, steem has the most users of any blocking social media. I think Tron can really take it to the next level though and am excited to see what happens.

Keep up motivating and the motivation. Clear mind, positive attitude and strategy skills burning all over the place, trying to make this world a better place. An experience worth fighting for in my view.

Welcome to STEEM blockchain by the way =)

I would say (speaking for myself) we are a civilization that wishes to strive, be inclusive, welcoming and strive together for a better outcome.

Are you sure that we are a civilization? Most of the Steem blockchain users are selfish and greedy. They focus only on their own blog posts, but they do not care about other people's blog posts. If anyone look around, then they can see that there are many blog posts, but there are only a few human comments under the blog posts. Some blog posts does not even have any comments. I think that this behavior will not make any good outcome for the Steem blockchain in the long term, and this behavior have nothing to do with civilized people.

I think this is the world we live in, not just steemit. Everyone (to be fair, most of the people) is busy showing off, doing their own thing.

Hell, I don't know if I'm commenting here to gain some attraction or to say what's necessary.

There are many selfless people in the world. I speak from experience. My friends (including even my co-workers, my colleagues and my boss) are very kind, helpful and social. So, there are many selfless people in the world. Not only offline, but also online. Other social networks are successful in this regard. Just see YouTube, for example. Even the smallest YouTubers receiving good human comments under their videos. Those comments are often funny and humorous. But anywhere I look on the Steem blockchain, almost all I see is selfishness and greed. False positivity. There are many bot and spam-like comments. Very disappointing.

And I have seen selfless people here, (maybe not selfless, but people eager to help and communicate). Yes, so many bots here, and so many ads in YouTube. Also consider that YouTube has close to 2 billion users, while steemit has just over 1 million. It's easy to just see the good people of YouTube and ignore the struggling ones, but in steemit, there are not so many users, so you will probably see both sides.

I could have mentioned any other social media, not only Facebook. Because in terms of social activity, anything is better than the Steem blockchain, which is sad. I have not wrote that there are no selfless people on the Steem blockchain, but nowadays there are only a few socially active users on the Steem blockchain. See the statistics. Nowadays the number of the daily active users is 30-32 000. Sometimes there are more than 40 000 blog posts per day, which means that some people create even more than one blog posts per day. Yet the average number of comments is only 2-3. And many of these comments are bot, bot-like, spam, spam-like comments. Very disappointing. If people can take time to write (sometimes more than one) blog posts per day, then why they cannot take time to write comments and interact with others?

I have to agree.

Though I have found few new friends, but in other social medias, I usually tend to interact with those who I already know offline. Not a system-related thing, but still a positive thing for me.

So, let's interact more with each other. For example, I noticed that you have started doing a lot more comments for the last months. (I didn't check, is just my gut feeling)

I went on leave and after coming back that's the impression I have.

I agree that we need more interactivity, and this is partially why I decided to everyday (or as much as I can) visit the new posts section to interact with someone I never met.

If everyone would do this, it would massively change interactivity.

Then if I find something I can help with, a question, a curiosity, or whatever, I jump on it and try add up. I am noticing already some reaction of doing it. Which is nice. But on the other end, I spend a lot more time than I used to spend.

Still, I enjoy.

Yeesh! I would say I understand your plight...but I feel this isn't gonna help

I meant we (Portuguese).

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I not run, I like steem and eSteem. I go post more, I want see where we go in next 5 years. 🤗👌😋🍺

Nothing good, if the most of the users will keep their selfish and greedy attitude. Many people already left (and leaving) the platform because of their disappointment.

But pushing up the positivism and keeping a brightful approaches for commenting and helping users will bring them one day back.

We know they are around, so we keep playing the naive attitude that everyone is great, while throwing corrective actions in the back to reduce their friction on the community. Eventually they will give up.

The important part is that we make the nice stuff attitude more noticeable, and their not so interesting attitudes will look track.

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Hey! I just got here and now there is a corporate takeover!? Well. Here is looking to the best!

It's not a takeover in my view. Just someone that sold their clothes to someone else. The body is still the same. =)


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It's getting popular I can tell you. But from what I saw on twitter, there are others even more popular.

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tron is shitcoin...scammy

So, by tron you specifically refer to whom? ALL users? All BPs? The business owner? =) I mean... all coins have 💩 things happening... it's crypto! But the beauty of it, is that on close to realistic decentralized blockchains, 💩 is way easier to deal with.

Simply because, on decentralized blockchains, there is no such thing as a company dying or failing when/if 💩 happens. And that's really a technology of the 21 century!

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