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RE: My Actifit Report Card: September 10 2019

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Yesss, just arrived in Riga! Thank youuu :)
How are youuu?!

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Well, what can I say?? Here I am again, blogging on food and health! :p
Neahh....I'm ok thank you! Just around home and the baby! Enjoying this phase of life:)

I’m sure it’s a beautiful phase to be in!
There’s not too much goin on over here, just enjoying life as it comes each day. But it’s nice to get away from work to explore Riga for the week, I must say haha. Great to hear from you. Your food and health blogs are inspiring as alwaysss

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Well thats good to hear! :)I envy you, walking and spend some time in Riga!!I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!! Take pictures and share some with us!!