My Actifit Report Card: September 3 2019

in #actifitlast year

Walking walking walking walking climbing stairs walking walking walking walking climbing stairs Climbing stairs climbing stairs climbing stairs climbing stairs calling there's climbing stair stupid active fit



Your score is not meeting the minimum requirement to earn actifit rewards. Hope you are aware that 5000 step count is minimum requirement to earn rewards from actfit. Hope to see you making more steps and adding some meaningful content in the post. Keep on actifitting.

rulersig2.jpg@Actifit Moderator
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Hi @alokkumar121, I don't give a hoot about your rewards, they are
useless anyway. I will most likely stop bothering with this stupidity,
as it requires I say something in 100 characters just to post my
Step count. So this does it, have a great day. You will see no
More of my 'actifit' reports. It was JUST FOR MY OWN
FITNESS, to encourage me to be more active. Thank
You for removing this positive step count for me.

So as of right now, the app is deleted from my phone.
Thanks @alokkumar121

I suggested you to make the most out of it while using actifit and its your choice whether you want to use it or not. Enjoy.

I saw no 'suggestion', I saw only what seemed like you chastising me for not having enough steps.
I never ever started using the app to gain any points, I see no point in points that have no value.
And incidentally, I discovered by accident that if you have the app on your phone, clipped to the dashboard of your car, it will count each and every bump in the road as a step.
Quite an accurate little gizmo you have there.
I wonder how many others are padding out their results by tapping their foot to the music with their phone in their pocket? (that works as well. I tried it after I found out about the dashboard cheat)
No, I only used it as a way for me to keep track and post like so many of my friends were doing.
That day, I walked up and down the halls of my building, down the stairs to the next floor, down to the other end of that floor, down the stairs to the next floor and so on.
Then, when I tiredly going to bed went to post my meager results for the day, it wouldn't let me without 100 characters of description, which pissed me off; I was just trying to post the results and get to bed.
They when you jumped on me because "You don't have enough to qualify for rewards", that just poured gasoline on the fire.
Good bye, don't let the door bump you in the behind on the way out @alokkumar.