CBD infused Coffee. Free Samples FOR US residents.........

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Hello one and all fellow Hivians!

This is a public service announcement from the King and the Kingdom! The Kingdom achieves parity from sponsorship from https://cbd17.myctfo.com/.

The Kingdom is currently sponsoring free instant coffee samples for US residents only.

If you are interested PM or DM King Neptune over at discord: kingneptune#5062 to receive a "Free" sample.

To clear the air, "no pun intended". ROFL........ or maybe it was?

The King holds a "Class A" motor vehicle license.

For those of you unaware of what the implications are? Here are the consequences.

  1. 2 Year physical required........ Which includes a urinalysis for THC. "Cannabis" The component in "The Bud" that makes you high.
  2. Random testing for, "The Bud".

The King has been experiencing the benefits and has been tested multiple times for THC, randomly and during the "2 year" physical.

ZERO......... ZERO.......

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the benefits follow the link.


For more information and keep the Kingdom prospering!