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Hey guys today I want to talk about how I started at a very young age of working out with my dad! Because we just finished the #LiveFitChallenge2021 ( I will put the latest video of working out with my dad at the end of this post.)So I want to share my adventure of when I first started working out till now.

These are pictures from when I was 1 and a half. I am holding weights and other things. I am also holding one of my favorite stuff toys! If you press its belly it will sing.

Before I was so small but now I am so big doing workouts with my dad!




I think this one is on the 3rd day of the #LiveFitChallenge2021. I am posing and doing workout pictures with my dad! After every shoot we take work out pictures!


This is another time we did a video! I am with my dad and working out.


This was the last video of the #LiveFitChallenge2021 and we where doing some of the exercises we did in the video and like we always do, we took a daughter daddy date picture!

Eny way hope you enjoyed the pictures of my dad and me and my adventure of our fitnise jurny. It will continue tho!



Hope you enjoy our final work out of the #LiveFitChallenge2021 with my dad and me!!!


Such lovely photos of you and your dad. Your baby photos are adorable. 💗

Thank you so much for the comment!

You’re welcome 😀

Your sister must be very strong when she getting old and you too @littlem. Have a good exercise day.

Thank you! She is really growing! Hope you have a nice day.🐰

Oh wow, the pictures are looking marvellous; you began working out really early @littlem. It was quite a joy working out with you and your dad Wil for that challenge. I want to encourage you to keep going in the same spirit, you will definitely be glad and reap the benefits of keeping fit. Thank you for sharing :}

Thank you! I am so great full that you enjoyed my post! And ya! My parents say I really did start out at a really young age! I am so glade that I learned how to do a FULL PUSH UP when I was in one of the video's! BECAUSE NOW I CAN DO IT WITH OUT ANY HELP! Thank You for following along with the #LiveFitChallenge2021! I really am thankful that you are getting in shape and following along. Thank you once again

Medicine balls, kettle bells, you've got a good Dad-structor.

Thank you and love the GIF you piked out for this comment!

I remember medicine balls. They were pretty heavy but fun.

Yes! At first I was lifting with my back but thwn suprisingly my dad told me to make the legs lift it and IT WORKED!


Lovely Photography!!!

Thank you!

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