#needleworkmonday :: A week of different needles...

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday everyone!!

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In the past week, I had the pleasure of switching between 3 different needles for 3 different projects, mostly because I couldn't stick to just one project and complete it 😁.

This month, we are celebrating #NeedleWorkMonday's 2 Year Anniversary and there is a contest currently running in commemoration with the anniversary, deadline next Monday, 29th July 2019.

So, my first project involved a little cross stitch project with a sewing needle (because I couldn't find my cross stitch needle), to commemorate this special occasion. It is still work in progress but here is a sneak peak:


I am still not sure what it will be in the end but I will continue to think about it and share with you next week 😁. I have a rough idea but sometimes things may not turn out the way we plan 😅. Initially, I was planning for a crocheted item but that did not work out.

Next, I was also trying to complete my scarf project, I am a little more than half the length I am looking for and it is slowly progressing:


The "cake roll" is getting fatter, so that is good news 😁. I realised that as I grow older, my level of patience runs out pretty fast. I am not able to focus on one project for a long time anymore. In my teens and 20s, I used to be able to stick to one project for days until it is completed but not anymore. Do you have the same problem?

And because of this "slight" impatience, I began itching to try a project in between: knitting. The truth is, I have never completed any knitting projects. All my projects are hanging, not even halfway, but right at the beginning! Most of the time, it is because I missed a stitch or two, and the entire piece (or whatever little that I have knitted) looked messy and awful or I just didn't have the drive to continue because the entire process seemed so long and I am quite a slow knitter.

Unlike crochet, the main challenge I have with knitting is that when I make a mistake, I do not know how to fix it and I always end up "frogging" (hehe.. learnt a new word last week, thanks to @neumannsalva's brilliant post). But I would frog until the very beginning and start all over from the cast on stage. It can be quite demotivating. With crochet, I can unravel to the point of the mistake, pick up the stitch, fix it and continue.

After @neumannsalva's tip on frogging last week and always reading both @neumannsalva's and @shanibeer's beautiful knitting projects, I am inspired to give knitting a try again, starting this week. Then, knowing I have a challenge with patience, focus and pretty short attention span, I thought a good idea is to start with knitting little squares to practice different patterns and later, hopefully, I can combine this little squares to create something.

I googled "knitting squares" and came across this website:
which has a wide collection of knitting squares patterns which was meant for a wonderful cause to create afghans to needy patients in Ghana, Ethiopia, Sierre Leone and Durban, S. Africa.

The author unfortunately had to end the project in 2011 due to her health but she kept the website up to continue sharing the knitting patterns.

I scrolled through the website to take a look at the long string of different patterns and decided to try the first stitch there called the Rice Stitch. Here I am, after casting on 28 stitches, I started the knit, purl, knit, purl row 1:


And of course, after working into Row 2 which is knit all 28 stitches, I missed half a stitch (i.e. the needle in row 1 was inserted halfway and left the other half unpurled which I only realised in row 2 because I was watching an action packed thriller called "Kidnap" starring Halle Berry!!). I decided to unravel everything, because it was only row 2.

After that, I gave more focus on my knitting and purling and after a few rows, I got this:


I think it is not bad.... and I continued working the rows, keeping in my mind my stitch counts and inserts (not wanting to risk missing half a stitch again!) and soon, I have this:

I can see the pattern!! I think the pattern is on the right, right? The one with little bumps? I am liking this!! My squares are pretty small because my needle is small and yarn is not thick but I am liking the tininess of the square, although it is not a square yet. Wish me luck! (See how easily I put aside abandoned the scarf?) 😄

And remember to join the #NeedleWorkMonday contest, ending next Monday, 29th July 2019! Please be sure to visit ’The NeedleWorkMonday Run’ for details on our current running Contest in commemoration with our two year anniversary!!

What will you be making?

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#NeedleWorkMonday posters will always be in our hearts 💖💖💖
Click here to zoom in the image

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Thank you again to @crosheille for starting this wonderful community and to the awesomely supportive #NeedleWorkMonday community!

If you love any craft that uses needles, come and join the fun with us here every Monday! You can also join us every other day at #NeedleWork.

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My Actifit Today : July 22 2019

I didn't walk much today except from some housework and walk to the clinic, am resting still from straining myself from the weekend. It is nice to see that I still managed to hit the 5K mark.

Walking,House Chores

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I am very impatient, too! I love starting new things and when I get an idea in my head, I have try it, no matter where I am in my existing projects! The squares are a really good idea and a great way to try out lots of different stitches, it is really exciting when you start to see the pattern 💕. Good link to the website, as well 😍

Hehe hi five! But you have completed so many beautiful projects!! I hope with these squares, I will get to really make something. Thank you so much @shanibeer!! You are an inspiration! 😘💗

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Hurray!!! We managed to brainwash you 😂🤣🥳🤪, now you believe knitting could be fun although it is in reality a highly addictive task that will lead to constant worrying... No, not really... Honestly I am super excited that you give knitting another try and I am amazed how beautiful your pearl stitch looks on the square you made. I am now dreaming of convincing you that knitting cardigans is the way to go :-DDD (I want to drag everyone into my misery ... ahhhh I cannot stop to make fun)
And with the concentration/patience, therefore I am not a good role model. You already know I have a huge box of unfinished projects (there may be more then one box 😱). I constantly have ideas what I want to make and I cannot stop myself to start them. But this did not came with getting older, I guess it is my personality. I try to tell myself that I am simply easy to inspire which is ok for me :-D I mostly finish projects way later than I started, often in a kind of rush/rage, but still... I get them done ... eventually:-D
I am so curious what you are preparing for the contest. And cross stitch proofs that you are in no way impatient! I highly admire everything involved with variations of hand sewing, especially embroidery - for this I am toooooo impatient.

Hahahah!!! Yes you did!! I am soooo liking the patterns that come out of it now. I did my first square and am into my second square now, different pattern. It is so cool to see little bumps forming in unison. I will show you in my next post :D
But noooooO!! Cardigans are wayyyyy too advanced for me. Anything to do with curves and increase and decrease and what not is beyond me for now. I am just going to chill and work on these squares :D
I am trying to learn continental method which is faster right but my left hand can't get the yarn tension right. It just keep getting looser and looser. For now, I am just working English style which is slower.
I hope to finish something with knitting.. that will give me a little boost. At least with crochet, I have at least worked on beanie hats and berets and little socks and little shoes and scarves. You know what, I think I can knit scarves now with this new found bumpy patterns. I used to try to work this kind of knit, purl, knit, purl stitches to form moss stitch, pearl stitch, etc but they came out looking like a mess, with holes! This round, it actually looks like a pattern!
Haha. Yah.. I am wondering too what to do with the cross stitch piece. I need to figure out fast before the week ends.
Thank you @neumannsalva! You are amazing! 😘💓

  ·  10 months ago 

Good luck with those squares! They already look lovely :-)

I wonder if this patience thing has anything to do with the fact that in your teens and 20s (and I'm just guessing), there was no such thing as Social Media, i.e. a constant stream of distractions and new inspiration...
I am saying that because I too find that focusing on one project at a time is a constant challenge, my Pinterest feed is absolutely packed with gorgeous distractions and new ideas... and it seems that it's not always a good thing...

Thank you so much @vliet! I have completed the first square and am into my second with a different pattern :) I am really happy that this round, I can see the pattern forming as I knit. Previously, I don't know what was wrong, I think perhaps the count and the tension were all wrong that the pattern didn't look like a pattern but a mess of holes. Haha.

Hmm.. yah, possibly.. back then, we only have TV isn't it? And even then, it was not as many channels as today - what more with Netflix and Youtube and what not. I used to have just 3 channels on my TV locally. I am glad that I am not into FB or IG.. I can't imagine how much time will I have left if I was :D. Although, it might be fun to just post all my previous projects on IG or Pinterest isn't it? Hmm... :D
But I guess, it is also age.. the eyes and mind don't work as well and as long as I want them too. They get tired easily.