Looking back/Look forward

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It seems like only yesterday,
that I had my first pay check,
but I have been working for years.
It seems like only yesterday,
I could stay up till 4 in the morning,
but today, I am beat by 12.
It seems like only yesterday,
I could wear heels and walk the day,
but today, I worry about my knees.
It seems like only yesterday,
My parents' hair were dark,
but today, their hair is gray.
It seems like only yesterday,
My grandma, aunty and uncle were still around,
but they have passed away along the way,
It seems like only yesterday,
I couldn't care less about my health and future,
but today, I could not not care about them.
It seems like only yesterday,
I could sew all day,
but today, I could only manage maybe an hour.
It seems like only yesterday,
my nephews were born,
but today, they are as tall as their mother,
It seems like only yesterday,
I had all the energy in the world,
But today, all I want is to rest whenever I can.
I sometimes wonder how much have I missed,
and how much time has gone,
that makes me cherish today even more.

Photo by Michael Skok on Unsplash

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Thank you!

This is a great and special one.
Know you could do way more as I, only yesterday.
High heels? Never.
My stating up till 4 became 4 pm...

Cherish the day.
!trdo and 💕 for you. Enjoy the weekend with !BEER and you have number 10./

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Thank you @wakeupkitty!
Yes, we must cherish our days. Life is indeed catching up on us.

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Es muy bueno. "Ese parece que fue ayer" me da melancolía. Saludos amiga @marblely.

Is very good. "That seems like yesterday" gives me melancholy. Greetings friend @marblely.

Gracias @gertu!
También me siento muy triste mientras escribo esto, pensando en cómo mis padres envejecen y la vida pasa tan rápido. Gracias por comentar :)

Thank you @gertu! I feel very sad too while writing this, thinking about how my parents are getting old and life is passing by so fast. Thank you for commenting :)

This is a marvelous piece! 😍 Sad but true. Everything seems like yesterday, time flies so fast. So we really need to cherish each day that we live.

Thank you for visitng @gingbabida!
Yes it is sad but true. I can't help but worry for many things as time tick tocks away but we must remember to cherish every second of every day.

Since I am old, your words really resonate with me today @marblely. Best to make the most of every day.

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Thank you so much @fitinfun and @tipu!
Yes, we must make the most of every day. Time lost will never come back.

It's a good reminder for us all.

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Thank you!

I understand! It's not that I do less though, it's that more of what I do is in my head. And of course posting on steem takes a lot of time.
Great poem.

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