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Thank you for writing this. I thank you, @gertu and @olivia08 for taking the time always to visit and comment members’ posts. It is not easy and I am trying to keep up with my contests’ posts. Translating takes time and energy, which is why I am slow at responding :D But it is nice to be able to help the community grow. Being here needs hard work and patience and those expecting fast money usually cannot sustain and will leave eventually. We help what we can and if there are those who participate just to get quick earnings but are not committed, I think we can wish them good luck and good bye.


I have nothing to add to that. I hope the strong one's, the fighters stay
Even if a day counts 48 hours we will always be short in time.
Translating takes a lot of time but I think what counts is we are willing to do it. It makes this circle special. 👍💕

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Todos de alguna manera estamos aquí por obtener dinero, en primer lugar. Que alguien no encuentre suficiente aliciente para permanecer, me da tristeza. No todos encontramos apoyo, como yo lo encontré en @wakeupkitty. Sin conocimiento, sin ideas de como seguir, es fácil la retirada entonces.
Esta plataforma es difícil, es muy grande y, en algo del camino un poco solitaria. Es de fuertes, es persistencia, es paciencia.
Gracias a ustedes los que hacen estos concursos y apoyan.

We are all somehow here to get money in the first place. That someone does not find enough incentive to stay, I feel sad. Not everyone found support, as I found it in @wakeupkitty. Without knowledge, without ideas on how to proceed, withdrawal is easy then.
This platform is difficult, it is very large and, on some of the road a bit lonely. It is strong, it is persistence, it is patience.
Thanks to you who make these contests and support.