My Actifit Report Card: October 11 2019

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Today’s original plan was to somehow get my friends to the beach and me staying home and working on some of the many things I am not doing but need to be doing...

Well, my daughter was watching all the dudes - no school today- and while she was going to the beach, she had no room in the car for extra bodies.

Me taking them, going home, working on things, going back to get them before traffic hits seemed like a bad idea. Lots of driving and not much time in between.

They offered to stay home. I didn’t want them to give up a beach day.

We all went and I am glad that we did!!! I took us to Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego. It has been a long time since I went there. Long enough that the day use fee went from $5 to $ 20. 😳Dang.

I used to ride my bicycle between La Jolla and Solana Beach all the Time. The street inside the park used to be open and free for bikes and I rode it a lot. It is steeper than the regular street but shorter and without traffic.

Not any more.

We drove up to the parking area on top of the cliff and there was a steady stream of walkers and cars. On a weekday and past the main tourist season! Busy!

And bikes can’t be there anymore. But the main road got reduced from a three lanes for cars to 2 lanes for cars, a buffer zone and 2 bike lanes. That I like!! Now, I have to get back in shape to make it up the hill without dying 🤣

The walk was beautiful and I am glad we went. Soon, I will go back and go on more of the trails. They did a great job making the trails better and roping off many sensitive areas- ver necessary with the heavy usage the park is getting.

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That was money well spent! @mariannewest A gorgeous day outdoors, fresh air, and exercise while you got the chance to have quality bonding time with your daughter and her friends at the Torrey Pines State Beach. Sounds like the state is putting the fee increase back into the developing the park. Have a good weekend! @tipu curate

Thank you so much. Yes, time well spent. My only concern with the fees going up and up is that State and National Parks are supposed to be there for the people and in theory, get maintained with our tax dollars. Poor people certainly can't afford to pay a $ 20 day-use fee. But without it, the area would get destroyed by too many people coming and (ab)using it. So, I am happy to pay it 😄

It's always good to take the family for an outing, get some fresh air and greens!

For sure!!!

Development is expensive, $5 to $20 is not so bad because for us it would have been $5 to $100 and you wouldn't see much development 🤣🤣🤣
Great to hear you'll be keeping in sharp, we all need it.👍😍

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Yes, it is expensive to keep areas like that up and I didn't mind very much to pay the fee. When my kids were little we used to park in the free spots along the street (not very many) or the public parking lot a ways away and walked in. But my friends took one look at the hill they would have to walk up...
Actually, I didn't even ask them. I already know their energy level by now and knew that there is no way in the world they would (maybe could) walk up there. And I wanted them to see the view and the landscape from the top LOL

VERy cool seeing san diego photos! 100% upvoted over 20 SAND + (That youll get in 14 days as SAND has 2 week payout periods where you can get upvoted during 2 weeks giving a post time to get upvoted ) + I resteemed and here is 13 steem to encourage you to please keep posting! Now you can say you made 10 x $0.013 per steem thats $1.30 off this post in liquid steem!

And you need to get a Yearly Pass for all state parks I think it works for national parks too

Thank you so much. Very much appreciated. The yearly pass for State parks and beaches is well over $ 200 and is only for California. The National Parks are only around $ 80. I didn't mind supporting the park. They really are doing a great job!

Sounds liek a job for and the need for some sort of State park EOS management system to allow people to earn tokens to ern a yearly pass or to earn passes, imagine if the tickets to get in that usualy cost $10 were tokenized, and you could send a friend a free trip to any national park... thatd be really nice as a gift... but also we system could be in place where everytime you did a good karma style deed that could somehow earn money maybe ads, you could end up stacking up your eay to get free park pases... good citizen points... maybe if you can help the government save money online somhow we can give ourt free passes

i need to fidn a way to do thios with my own yearly Zoo Pass.....

I had big plans for San Diego Zoo Token White paper now I see I need to make it an EOS token and have San Diego Zoo Steem engine token etc, i was going to create it but i want to have it sanctioned by teh zoo Ill arrange a meeting very soon.

Sounds all very exciting to me. I would love both of those tokens - national park and zoo

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