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RE: Hiking in a Nature Preserve in Falling Snow - Actifit Report Card: February 17 2020

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As you know, I am not a friend of cold 🥶 But your pictures make me want to walk with you ♥️

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That could be arranged, my friend!

Let's talk :) I am trying not to travel as much as I did last year since my little cutie is growing up so fast and I don't want to miss it.

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That’s the most important thing! I really do want to get to New York but I have two family trips so I’m not sure how I will swing it.

Same here. We have a wedding in Utah and then, we are not sure when my husband will have to be back to work - which is in Arizona. Right now, I am out and about a lot between our two residences. Can't leave San Diego and move with my little cuties within 2 miles of my house...

It’s a two-day drive from here, or a two hour flight. Hmmm...

Let me know if you end up going. When we get closer to the date - I might know more if I can figure out a way to come. Driving is out of the question. Too long...