Hey René how are you? Sorry if I have been quiet these last months, had quite a lot on my plate both personal as professional? Care to update me about all the latest crypto-gaming related news? :P

Their are 2 new steem games road to rich and steemknights but i can not tell you mutch about it ,never played one of them.
The New Shit seems to be Gods Unchainend a TCG very Similar to Hearthstone . OCD tries to promote this game here on steem. I played it a few times and it is realy a nice game you should try ! It is a etherum based game .

I checked it out and I do see the similarities with HS but the game got me confused as well. How does the market work. Can you acquire new cards by grinding them or do you need to spend eth?

Their are cards you can only get in booster packs you buy with eth as far as i know ...but you can get a wide range of cards from the booster packs you get for playing .
Someone told me that their will be a reset where you loose all cards you got from the playing booster . Cards from booster you bought with eth are save . I dont know if the reset already took place , i did not played since that.

Alright, thanks for the update Nerd :) I'll give it a proper shot later. Hopefully it is competitive enought to stay adictive. I mean, Blizzard sure got my money :p