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RE: A close circle with contact.

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Thank you @wakeupkitty.pal. To be honest I was inspired by someone who helps me grow in this platform before I know you. Sad to say that the concerned someone became slow after the hf21. Thank God that I met you and have a good vibe with me. We have a group chat members but they are not acting like you. I am the most active out of many members. I am the one encouraging them on how to grow. They joined steemit a long time ago but sp is still so low. So I told them some strategies I learned from my mentors. I hope they will do it. I told them to never mind the value and mind a great relationship with the community so we can survive here longer.
Count on me, my dear. I was so sad @partiko had a problem again. It never gives us notification. I love @esteemapp but requiring me to log in and log out all the way. It hinders my quick move since I have an employer watching over me.

Have a nice day ahead
Steem on!

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It is partiko trouble again? I try to answer with It only shows comments you did not answer yet. Or I use I am behind again but today was a chaotic one.

In a group you frequently see one or two being active while the rest just waits for you to help them out. It does not work this way. You can give some tips but it stops somewhere. Invest in yourself. You managed to grow, if you can others can too. I also had help as I came back here. I lost contact or... Many left after the latest HFs. It is a pity but we cannot change it. You need to be stubborn, keep posting to be noticed. This is the only way.

I am happy you are one of the active members but also that this circle has many active members. It is not the community that hosted but we are. It is what makes us special and creates a bond.

It is good to know we can count on you. May we all grow into big fish with a fat wallet.


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