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RE: My Actifit Report Card: October 2 2019

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Thanks for using @Actifit.
You're doing great with your actifit counts.

I hope, you'll be able to get more counts in future.
Reminder: You need to get at least 5k counts to get rewarded.
and 10k count gets you higher rewards.



Hello @organduo! You are great!

command: !thumbup is powered by witness @justyy and his contributions are:
More commands are coming!

Hey thanks.

so you just did copy-paste my comment.
how would that help you, may i know?

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It doesn't help me but it should help you. It's just a reminder to have 10k steps.

i see.
that's nice.
thanks again.

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Now you know how I feel.

I'm really sorry if you felt bad.
Actually i just tried to help thinking you didn't know about it.
I didn't say that to poke you or something else.

I normally try to give this reminder to lots of actifit users.

and it's kind of my duty as an actifit moderator.
otherwise why would they appoint moderators?

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All is good now.

!organduo 500

@ashikstd you have received 500 ORGANDUO from organduo!
Trade the tokens on Steem Engine or send them to @organduo.voter with post in memo for an upvote!

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