My Actifit Report Card: August 19 2019

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I do not post too often on actifit, but but I went over the 13,000 mark today and thought it would be a good time to post.

So why a photo of my old tractor? Well I had been busy today cleaning sheds, and restacking firewood so the seasoned wood would be able to be all on one side of woodshed and have room to put this years wood. That was a very good workout, but then brings us to the tractor photo.

Last winter I had a wheel clamp come loose and sheer off the bolts. My son in law got the broken bolts out of the clamp last week, so it was time for me to get it put back together.

So what does that have to do with fitness? Well the clamp was not lining up right and because the wheel would not move to get it lines up...i had it jacked up and on blocks. Seeing the wheel would not move enough to get clamps on I headed to my shop to get a steel bar to try and move the wheel in place. On the way to shop I heard a thud and when I turned around the darn wheel fell off...when things go wrong they really go wrong. That wheel has to weigh 600 pounds (275 kilograms).

No one was available to help so how on earth was I going to get it back up? Lifting is out of the questions so I started gathering blocks of wood and a round piece of firewood to use as a fulcrum. I gradually lifted the wheel a little at a time...placing blocks of wood under it and then would get a bigger fulcrum until I could no further. Then I walked to barn to get a heavy duty block and tackle and connected one end to the tire I was trying to lift and the other end to the other tire ( I have chains on the tires). To my surprise it worked and I was able to get it up...

It took another couple of hours to get it in place so I could start the bolts into clamp.

I was pushing my self to my limits. I could feel my heart hitting or exceeding my maximum heart rate for my age. My shirt was soaked with sweat.

I still have not finished but my body had reached its limits for the day...i left the block and tackle in place to keep the darn wheel from falling again until I can finish it.

Counting steps is one thing but one has to also consider the actually physical activity and the heart rate.

Well, that brings me to a close of this post. What a day, or at least some good activity leading up to an intense couple of hours that was not a lot of fun...but I did it.

Thank you for reading this slightly longer actifit post.



good job
keep the good job up

Thank you very much.

Sounds like a hard full @actifit day!!!
Looks like progress on the tractor!!!👍

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Thank you very much. Progress on the tractor, yes. Today I finished the repairs and was able to get it under cover. I will do more maintenance before the snow comes, but now it is under cover and easier to work on.

It seems like the Summer went so fast this year!
It is time to prepare for the white stuff Lol!😊

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Impressive that effort you made. Dear friend, take care of your back, to lift weights use a belt around your waist.
Congratulations on that achievement.
regards :D

Thank you. This morning I feel quite good. My back feels good, which is real important. I will be much more physically active from now until December. I just need to find a routine for winter months

In our village, the land is cultivated using such tractors.

These tractors were made to last. I finished repairing the wheel and have been able to get my tractor into the machine shed. Now I have just some maintenance to do before snow comes.

In our village,
The land is cultivated
Using such tractors.

                 - sadman88

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ay corniel, leyendo tu post, en cuanto a tus actividades con el cobertizo , leñera, tractor, etc. me detengo a pensar en la similitud del vaivén cotidiano de los seres humanos, es un batallar diario en las que nos sobreponemos para proseguir sin desmayar, lo felicito porque como dicen en mi país Ud. "echa pa'lante, no se duerme en los laureles", un ejemplo para muchos jóvenes...

Muchísimas gracias. Me crié en una granja y a los 6 años tenía tareas en el granero y otras tareas al aire libre. Esa mentalidad ha permanecido conmigo todos estos años. Mientras pueda mover mi cuerpo, seguiré haciéndolo. Mi hija y mi nieta han desarrollado una fuerte ética de trabajo, probablemente por observarme. LOL

Hoy probablemente volveré a superar los 13.000. Terminé las reparaciones de mi tractor, terminé de limpiar mi leñera, y luego dividí la leña por un rato. No empecé hasta después de la hora del mediodía, o habría sido un número mucho mayor.

Happy to see you are using Actifit and Writing report card sir.. Thanks for using @actifit..

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Thank you @priyanarc. My activity level is rising so I should be getting in better shape and hopefully raise those numbers.

OMG ! I really inspired your work and nice tractor 👌 stay healthy

Thank you very much.

13,000 mark is a big one. The highest I have gone is about 7000. This is a good mark for u on actifit. It means more AFIT tokens for you...smiles

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Thank you very much. I am starting to increase my activity, so I am hoping to hit my goal of 15,000. I have a lot of work to finish up to prepare for winter. Hopefully I can stay active when the snow flies.

Good count but you still need to find some rest concerning your old age so as not to stress yourself

Thank you very much.

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Cultivating agricultural land using a tractor must be very fun. In my country farmers use plows with the help of cows. I think you enjoy your day farming and repairing tractors.

Thanks you for visiting. Using animals such as cows for working the land is probably less expensive, and less repair work.

the abandoned tractor looks beautiful can be beautiful in something abandoned

This tractor is my snow plow, although I use it for a few other things. It is only 66 years, which is one year younger than me.

I bought it 30 years ago and surely have gotten a lot of work out of it. I hope to be able to get it finished, started, and then start to prepare it for it's winter job.

😮😮😮66 years.............................................................
(my age X 3)= 66. Amazing.

That's what I call to workyour heart out.
I wish my generation can get to your age (I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm guessing over 60) with the same energy, determination, and inventiveness.
I don't think many people in your possition would have tried that kind of effort alone.
Stay safe, @r2cornell

Thank you very much. Yes I am little over 60...I will turn 67 in October. My wife does not think I should have done the work alone, but I never tell her until I am finished. Today I finished the repairs and then split and stacked firewood. My numbers will be similar again today. I am trying to increase my activity a little at a time so when the big push to prepare for winter comes I am in better shape.

Hello sir r2cornell, nice to meet you. wahhh it is very heavy work. with very heavy wheels you have to move them. I'm amazed by you. even more so with your age now.

Thank you very much.

My God! have you had a day of much adrenaline and physical effort
Be careful, do not overstress your heart.

I will be doing more and more physical work now and get my whole body in shape, including my heart. I am lucky that for years I have been kept myself in pretty good shape. I am determined to my treadmill out for the snowy months to maintain what I gain from here into fall.

Yes, exercise is so healthy, just be careful not to exceed.

Repairing a tractor can also be a healthy sport for you, sir.

Thank you very much. It is a constructive way to stay healthy

Great post, good writing, thanks for sharing

Thank you very much @ononnaa.

I like actifit activity of different steemian friends and it is really good workout through your tractor.

Thank you very much.

Five star Rating for this post 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Thank you very much.

Hi @r2cornell ,I'm glad to see you here sir, you are an admirable man, I see that no job is too big, more or less a mcgiver, and no kidding, reading your post, I realize that you are a very active man and do the work that appear, therefore my RESPECTS LORD.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

@r2cornell, Heavy work but definitely it's Worthful and woods are all in one Resources.

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Thank you very much.


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I think you are a great farmer. Stay healthy until old age, sir.

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Thank you very much.

Busy weekend. You are such a hard working man. I appreciate your great job. Have a nice day sir.

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much.

You surprised me!

Thank you very much.

Work hard but still finished thanks to your patience and persistence, sir. Love reading your description narration today, sir.

Thank you very much.

Tat is very interesting article . amazing work . thanks for sharing.
Have a nice day.

Thank you very much.

Amazing, I'm very motivated by your post @r2cornell, a hard effort that doesn't care about age

Thank you very much.

Lot of work you are doing time to get things done :)
have a great week sir

Thank you very much.

Good actifit count. You surely have a great day

Thank you.

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Keeping a tractor under control is a tough task. Only those who work hard can do this. You work so hard at this age. That's why I salute you.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Do you work with this tractor yourself?

Yes...It is my primary tool to move snow in the winter, and has been for 30 years. I am still able to find used parts for a 66 year old tractor. When something breaks I try to repair it myself, but for the more complicated repairs my son-in-law does the work and I help. I plow their place out when his snow plow is broke.


Hola Sr. @r2cornell. No sabia que una rueda de tractor pesara tanto, yo apenas peso 25 kilogramos!. Gracias a Dios pudo resolver todo.

Ya publiqué las orugas 😉

Muchísimas gracias. Había olvidado cuánto pesaba la rueda. Debería haber tomado una foto cuando se cayó la rueda.

Voy a revisar tu blog para ver las orugas.

Wao, a stressful moment, thank God you could solve everything.
I like the background landscape that your tractor has.

Muchísimas gracias. Hoy probablemente volveré a superar los 13.000. Terminé las reparaciones de mi tractor, terminé de limpiar mi leñera, y luego dividí la leña por un rato. No empecé hasta después de la hora del mediodía, o habría sido un número mucho mayor.

Very nice place, Thanks for sharing your score with us.

Thank you very much.

Incredible work sir, Have a nice weekend

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Fantastic photography sir, Great writing

Great blog post sir

Excellent work on actifits sir

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much.