My Actifit Report Card: August 23 2019

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I was not planning on posting an Actifit so soon since my last report, but I got very close to my goal of 15,000 so I decided to do another today.

This first photograph is a new wood splitter I bought this week. I used it yesterday to learn how to use it. It saves me from having use a splitting mall or ax. I had used one before and the physical activity is still very aerobic.

This next photo shows the wood I split in 30 - 45 minutes. I monitored my pulse and stayed in a very nice aerobic range. You may notice my moral support to the left side of the photo.

In addition to stacking the split wood I also carried some rounds into the woodshed for the bottom row. I will split them during the winter.

This next photo shows the stacked wood. I have the drier wood to the right but lots of space to the left and to the back. Besides carrying the wood in I start a number of rows so they act as stairs so I can get wood to the highest are of the wood shed.

Prior to setting up the wood-splitter I spent a couple of hours cutting and stacking scrap wood I get from a pallet mill. It is not as aerobic, yet there is lots of bending, stooping, crouching, lifting, carrying and walking with an armful of wood.

In this next picture it shows the stack of wood I have been working on for awhile. As I mentioned I worked at this for a couple of hours before beginning splitting wood. This is in my shop which is kept heated during the winter. This photo was taken with my phone and may be turned on its side.

Some of these photos may not be up to my usual standards, yet they show what i was doing today to get close to my goal of 15,000.

My final photograph is my cheerleaders and moral support (Sahara and Sheba):

Thank you visiting my actifit report.

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A lot of wood you have there

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Yes it is. I did not include the huge pile I have to yet split.

Very happy to see you after a long time. Very nice post dear @r2cornell.

Welcome! How have you been?

I am fine. I was actually doing internship in a company in summer vacations and now my college will start on 2nd September.
How are you doing?

I am doing well...too much to do and not enough time. At least I am getting good exercise.

What a great wood splitting machine. But is it allowed to cut wood in your country , sir?

ON my own property I can cut what I want, but only take out trees that are dying. A friend brings me truck load of wood and he only cuts trees that are dead or dying.

You have done a great job. Winter is ahead and you need to think about fuel supplies. You need to train the Sahara and Sheva to carry firewood in the barn, so that there would be not only moral support but also physical :)Thank you, you have a great post.

LOL. I used to have a yellow Labrador Retriever and she would carry wood for me into the shed. I had forgotten about that. Yes winter will arrive soon enough. last year I held off splitting all my wood because someone was suppose to bring their wood splitter and help. It never happened and I was finishing it up in the snow. That is why I decided to get my own splitter...It does go faster, although still a lot of hard physical activity.

I love dog. This two dog is so cute
What's your name?

Sahara and Sheba

Maybe it is your second actifit report in this week 🙂 great scored you have done.

Yes 2 in one week. Yesterday I went over 13,000 but decided to not post. Today I was close to my goal, and since I posted I went over my goal of 15,000 after I went out to shop to close things up.

Saludos @r2cornell de verdad me alegra verlo utilizar la aplicacion de Actifit Report, una pregunta para que necesita tanta madera. Que tenga un excelente fin de semana

Gracias. Además de lo que se ha hecho, tengo un montón de madera muy grande que tratar. Tenemos inviernos largos y fríos. También me gusta tener madera extra cuando llega la primavera. No obtuve tanto como normalmente lo hago, porque me quedaba mucho del año pasado.

Amazing machine.
These machines really save a lot of time.How much money will it take?

$1,000 USD. The store gave me a $100 discount because I am a Veteran, which was nice. I have been saving a little each month for years. Was going to wait until I was in my 70's, but I have too many other chores to deal with. This will speed things up.

Have got discount a good amount. You stay in work.

Great work sir, Thanks for sharing
Have a great day sir
Please sir see my post

Thank you very much. Welcome to my blog post.

Great work sir, Thanks for
Sharing Have a great day sir
Please sir see my post

                 - tishad

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How cool is your new mower!
And the cheerleaders are spectacular. Sahara and Sheba are very beautiful.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hello sir, I'm late seeing your activities. I have been very busy with work these days.

You do activities, and always excited. That is very good, sir. the more activities you do, then your health will also always be maintained. I saw you chop wood with a machine. where I live, which is in Aceh. there is no machine to chop wood yet. I really want to see the machine work directly.

if I may ask, what will you use the wood for?

Thank you very much. I split the wood and use it to heat my house and my shop. I only use dead or dying trees.

Great work, Body is good only if you work hard. When sitting, the body becomes lazy.

Thank you very much.

Using AXE is really hard to split wood. Wood splitter is a great solution to save our time and energy.

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And my spine! I am quite good splitting by hand, but with my bad low back and cervical injury my doctor convinced me to make a change. It is still very aerobic and physical doing all the rest. I forgot to include the pile I have yet to split. There are many days of work ahead of me.

What an extraordinary wood parting machine.

Thank you very much. Yes it is a wonderful machine. I still get plenty of excercise.

1st time I am see this wood cutter machine

It sure saves me a lot of work, yet i get a good workout.

You are cutting a lot of wood. your work sir

Thank you very much.

Is this a wood cutting machine?

This splits the rounds like you see in photo. It splits it into sizes that fit into wood stove.

Interesting blog post 👍

Thank you.

Great post, good writing, thanks for sharing

Thank you very much.

Looks like your physique and energy are still very strong, sir.

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Thank you very much.

Great machine. You are also very great, sir.

Thank you.

Sahara and Sheba You can't have better coaches!
Sahara and Sheba are very precious and is a blessing
to have these faithful companions. I have two also
and they look at me when I exercise. They're real fans.
Excellent score!

Thank you very much. Yes they are good coaches.

Happy to see you are using Actifit and Writing report card sir

Thank you very much.

OMG! Wood work is really did i really appreciate you

Thank you very much.

Great job Sir, keep the great job up...

Thank you very much.

Five Rating 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Thank you very much.

There are so many woods I looked. Very nice dogs enjoying in the garden.

Thank you very much.

Almost 15k Steps with actifit. Great work done with actifit. Have a great weekend.

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Thank you very much.

Great count. Many people find it difficult hitting the 10k step milestone not to talk of closing to 15k

Thank you very much. In a normal day I tend to hit 10k, so when I am more physical I figured I should have a higher goal.

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Use of @actifit Dapp is really fun
That would cutter is really awesome. If you walk little bit more than you can achieve 15 k mark

Thank you very much. I ended up breaking 15k before I went to bed, but needed to get the post uploaded.

Finally you have reached 15,000 .. Great achievement... Those are lots of woods...

Thank you. And there is a larger un-split pile of wood waiting for me. I split and stacked more yesterday. I can feel the physical progress I am making. Today I will work on lighter projects before I get back to it.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you very much @hafizullah and innerblocks.

Woooow! 15,000 steps?!? That's quite a goal! I have never achieve such in all of my actifit life. Hahaha! 😂 But you gave me an idea. I should also make that my goal. 😊😊

Thank you very much. Once a goal is set we tend to move toward it. I do not always hit it but do periodically.

Oh yes, it's nice to have a goal. You are motivated to achieve it! 😊😊

I am happy to see your activities @r2cornell, full of busyness, I have not seen your posts for several days

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Thank you very much.

What is the cost of the machine in USD?

The splitter costs $1000 USD, although they gave me a Veteran's discount of $100. I have 33% of my wood split already and that was just over the weekend.

Very nice and great work. it is great photography sir.
Thanks this post have a nice day.

Thank you very much.

Great to read your post. Also try to take some rest considering your age and health

Thank you very much. I gradually build up. After a couple of days I am feeling quite good.

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These are your pet dogs?

Yes these are my pet dogs. They are part of the family.

Both of doggy beautiful and cute. I love them.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

wow that's amazing you are working hard always great and very inspiring for all of us

Thank you very much.

What do you do with these woods?

This will be completely full when I finish stacking wood. I use this wood the heat my house.

Do you go for seasoning of timber or not? For longevity that is essential, that also make it durable.

Yes the wood is well seasoned, plus I have much from last year that I will use first.

great actifit a count and great photography my dear friend @r2cornell

Thank you very much.

15,000 is a huge milestone of Actifit journey. Congrats Mr. @r2cornell. Cut dogs waiting to see next goal :)

Thank you very much.

Great post sir.. I like it this post

Thank you very much.

I love your cheerleaders.. The are cute.

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much.

The great job sir. excellent camera shots. thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much.