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RE: Thoughts on SPI, JAHM and LEO, plus Actifit report for October 29 2019

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Hey ‘Jk’ - I’m holding some SPI as well. Really hoping it takes off. Great initiative with a serious idea and inquiry.

Good to hear you’ve stacked some jahm for JPUD. I’m definitely going to be taking part as well.

It would be cool to cross boundaries with other tribes, having reggaesteemians invest in SPI, Leo holders in jahm, and vice versa.

Respect jk 👌

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Yup, these, plus Steemmonsters are my favourite things on STEEM right now. Vibrant and exciting where a lot of other places are jaded and just waiting for STEEM to go up. It ain't gonna go up just from us all waiting... We have to make these things fun, make STEEM and its Tribes "The Place to Be". Then watch it go up.

I like these cross boundary posts occasionally, someone here may not have heard of SPI for example, and strengthening links between good projects is a good thing I think.

Respect back at ya S.I.

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