My Actifit Report Card: February 12 2020 another work day down and another lunch out

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another work day down and another lunch out

Today was a good day got a fair bit done at work, and managed to get over my 10K step goal, which will hopefully counteract my lunch today, but I doubt it will but I will get to my lunch later in the post.

For the first day n a week or more the sun actually made a little bit of an appearance today and the rain took a break so apart from being cool it was a nice day for walking, most of the steps were between buildings for meetings and out to lunch, took a couple of shots with my camera but not to many.

But as I like when I can to add a photo taken with my camera to start the post I will make this another then and now post with photos of spots that @bozz visited when he came to NYC a while back,

This time the subject s te Met life building as seen from Park Ave

1 1 Bozz then and now.jpg

Sony A7iii 75mm F8 1/100 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And here is the Photo @bozz sent me


The following shots were taken with my iPhone on various walks today

Telecommuting a couple of days a week at the moment as I approach retirement I am loosing track of what day it is sometime, when I walked through the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza I was reminded it was Wednesday seeing the Farmers Market setup, over the winter months the number of vendors is a lot less than in summer


iPhone 11 Pro
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I had lunch today with a colleague and i got to the restaurant a bit early, well I always do I hate keeping expletive waiting so am always early, which drives my wife nuts sometimes as she likes arriving on time not early and waiting, but i digress as I was early I walked down tot he east tiver to enjoy this view for a few minutes effort hading back to the restaurant.


iPhone 11 Pro
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And a shot of the water Feryr as it was coming into the stations


iPhone 11 Pro
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To get to this little park where i took the last two shots you have to walk under the FDR Highway and this is where i walked through under it


iPhone 11 Pro
Click here to view larger

And here is where i had lunch Bravest which is described as a legendary firefighter themed sports bar, I have walked by it many times over the years but never eaten in there s another first for me.


iPhone 11 Pro
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and my colleague said the urges there were great so thats what I had with Sweet Potato fries, and it was very good I must say, I haven’t had a burger for months and now two in one week.


iPhone 11/Pro
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And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.752412 lat -73.976960 long Midtown East NYC d3scr

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So big sidewalk
Many street vendors
Good eat burger and fries
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It was a good day and a good walk


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Nice job on that one! It almost seems like exactly the same spot! The burger looks tasty! Two in one week! That sounds about like how I grew up!

I think this is the one i best copied the perspective and crop to your one :)

and yeah back just a few yeard Burgers were a key part of my diet lOL

Nice shoes... Wouldn't won't to walk under the FDR after dark :-)

Thanks and I dont think I would go there after dark either

Judging from a very long distance, it looks like firefighters were too late to save that poor Sweet Potato fries, @tattoodjay 😉

LOl they were actually cooked just as I liked them, I demolished them all LOL

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Have a great day

Great blog post! I keep thinking of you inching your way ever more rapidly towards retirement each day. I admire folks like you that can seemingly effortlessly arrive "a little too" early as a rule. I can imagine it helps ease stress to do it that way. I try so hard to be early but have a real tough time and more often then I'd like fall short! I also found myself desiring a side shot of that burger! And, imagining the drink as a yummy cold bubbly beer! LOL eventhough i don't think you drink alcohol, i haven't for the better part of 7 years now. Crazy how time flies.

Ohh in the past I would have had a beer with the burger for sure, but for about 5 or so years now since I have been on blood thinners I have given up alcohol and dont miss it, well I did think a beer would have gone nice with the burger LOL

I overdo the early often, like for the lunch yesterday I got there half an hour early and then went for a walk LOL

"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere . . . " New York New York. Never been there before but these pictures just make me wish I had. Closest I've been is Utica in Upstate New York. This was oh so far back in the past like in the early 1980's.

Ohh yeah New York is an amazing city I hated it when I first got here as I am a country boy at heart but it has grown on me

Definitely in my wish list once circumstances will present itself (Read: Once Steem flies) lol.

Lets hope steem does fly soon and you can make it there ;)

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