Weekends are Usually Awesome || Family, Friends, Church, Dancing, Lots of Walk, Fun || My Actifit Report Card: January 19 2020


Weekends are usually awesome in every way as there is time for self, family, friends and lots more. Last weekend wasn't different as I had a great time with family and friends.

Though many see weekends as a time to rest,mine is always different as there are many things to do. Sunday, 19th January, 2020 started out with prayers and later in church where I had to stand for many minutes teaching, singing and dancing.

After the service, we had some good family time with my sibling who came visiting. We shared Thoughts, ate together and later had to take a stroll to drop her off.

Much later in the evening, a brother in faith and friend came around and we discussed faith, business and Investment. We did actually talk about Steem.

He left quite late in the early night and o took out some time for an evening walk. In all the day was full of blessings and was worth the sacrifices.


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