What CCC means to me

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This is my entry to the ccc-contest "What does CCC mean to me? 2:24" hosted by @team-ccc.

To me CCC means a lot of work. It is the community that gives me the most comments and the contest I run is a lot of work. I translate each post and it takes time especially with my slow connection.

I thought about hosting another contest

but... I cannot if I need to invest 4 hours in posting and arranging the payments only plus it is hard work for me to earn here. We have members who are richer and earn more as I.
I need to figure out a faster way to save myself time.

I am happy @olivia08 hosts a ccc contest too.
She hosts more as one and I wonder where she finds the time to check all entries and respond. Perhaps I respind too much?

I noticed some new names, people who join the contests and hope they add some value too the community.
A community can only grow, be strong if the members support eachother. CCC is small.and has no SP of its own. We,a few members, delegate SP to @team-ccc to give you an extra upvote. It would be nice if you delegated some SP too. 10 SP or more. This is an investment. It pays you back plus you receive an upvote or more (it depends on how frequently you post).


That is what I am. Concerned about those Steemians who only join for the free cash and leave. Concerned about what I call fake members.
I like the idea, giving a hand to newbies but also noticed it became rare to say thanks after winning a prize, hardly anyone comments.


Should I care about what you write? Going to the trouble of translating? Spend each week over 10 Steem to members who do not care? Never take the trouble to comment me?
These are questions I ask myself since one of the members wrote that we had to raise the prizes because they are the lottery-types. Should I raise it, buy Steem to pay people who are only willing to join if I transfer my money straight into their wallet?
I gave my best.
Invited and helped to remember the contests are running but fact is they don't care. They do not care about the size of the prize if it comes to a contest. What counts is they get is easy, do not need to work for it.
I can remember the one with my birthday. The prize was 10 Steem and the entries?


If you do not work you will not earn.
CCC stands for Curation Circle Creed. This means we, the members, need to curate (reward) eachother. We are that circle!
It can not be so hard to read your fellow members after you posted.
If you do not like to be part of the circle leave and do not fill your pockets and drain me, @freedomshift, @olivia08 and @marblely.
If we do not do well this has consequences for you too. So please think before you spit or better... host a contest yourself.

CCC stands for good content and

comment comment comment!


Para mí, CCC significa mucho trabajo. Es la comunidad la que me da más comentarios y el concurso que corro es mucho trabajo. Traduzco cada publicación y lleva tiempo, especialmente con mi conexión lenta.

Pensé en organizar otro concurso

pero ... no puedo si necesito invertir 4 horas en publicar y organizar los pagos solo, además de que es un trabajo duro para mí ganar aquí.
Tenemos miembros que son más ricos y ganan más que yo.
Necesito encontrar una forma más rápida de ahorrarme tiempo.

Estoy feliz de que @olivia08 también organice un concurso de ccc.
Ella es anfitriona más como una y me pregunto dónde encuentra el tiempo para revisar todas las entradas y responder. ¿Tal vez respiro demasiado?

Noté algunos nombres nuevos, personas que se unen a los concursos y espero que también agreguen algo de valor a la comunidad.
Una comunidad solo puede crecer, ser fuerte si los miembros se apoyan mutuamente.
CCC es pequeño y no tiene SP propio. Nosotros, algunos miembros, delegamos SP a @team-ccc para darle un voto adicional. Sería bueno si también delegaras algo de SP.
10 SP o más. Esto es una inversion. Le devuelve el dinero y recibe un voto positivo o más (depende de la frecuencia con la que publique).


Eso es lo que soy. Preocupado por aquellos Steemians que solo se unen por el dinero gratis y se van. Preocupado por lo que yo llamo miembros falsos.
Me gusta la idea, echar una mano a los novatos, pero también noté que era raro decir gracias después de ganar un premio, casi nadie comenta.


¿Debería importarme lo que escribes? ¿Ir a la molestia de traducir?
¿Pasa cada semana más de 10 Steem a miembros a quienes no les importa? ¿Nunca te tomas la molestia de comentarme?
Estas son preguntas que me hago, ya que uno de los miembros escribió que teníamos que recaudar los premios porque son del tipo de lotería.
¿Debo aumentarlo, comprar Steem para pagar a las personas que solo están dispuestas a unirse si transfiero mi dinero directamente a su billetera?
Di lo mejor de mí.
Invitado y ayudado a recordar que los concursos se están llevando a cabo, pero el hecho es que no les importa. No les importa el tamaño del premio si se trata de un concurso. Lo que cuenta es que son fáciles, ** no ** necesita trabajar para ello.
Puedo recordar el de mi cumpleaños.
El premio fue 10 Steem y las entradas?


Si no trabajas no ganarás.
CCC significa Curation Circle Creed. Esto significa que nosotros, los miembros, necesitamos curarnos (recompensarnos). Somos ese círculo!
No puede ser tan difícil leer a tus compañeros después de publicar.
Si no te gusta ser parte del círculo, vete y no llenes tus bolsillos y me escurras, @freedomshift, @olivia08 y @marblely.
Si no lo hacemos bien, esto también tiene consecuencias para usted. Así que por favor piense antes de escupir o mejor ... organice un concurso usted mismo.

CCC significa buen contenido y

comentario comentario comentario!

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Form the writeup it season you are very straight and angry too.
Be cool.... You are doing your best to the community...

I am not angry I am realistic. I do not see the need to help out Mr. Greedy. I invest 10-12 hours a day on this platform and there has to come something out for me too. Positive energy for example.

And yes, I am straight. I do not see the need to keeping up appearances plus if you do not tell people how much you invest, paint it out, they will not know.

I do more as just my best. I wish I only did my best. Many would have given up on this platform long ago if they had my connection. Thanks for stopping by and your comment. 👍💕

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Ditto!! It is hard isn't it? We need to think about our own posts, to earn more so that we can give away as contest prizes, plus managing the contest plus remember to visit friends and show support.
The thing that motivates me to continue to host the contest is that I am able to give back to the community. I only hope to be able to earn more than I give away every week. I like giving away to those who support our contests week after week but yah, it is not easy. We need to dedicate time to work out the contest post, to visit and comment every entry and to prepare the winners announcement post. I feel you with slow connection. Even with fast connection, time is a challenge, I can't imagine the frustration you have to go through. Thank you for all that you do for this community. I think if you hadn't join, this community would have been as good as history. Pretty much all the founding members are no longer active. Sad.
p.s. I have delegated some of freedomshift's SP to team-ccc.

Great you delegated some so did I.

It really takes a lot of time and if I do not earn enough I have to find another option to quit. Most communities do not invest in each entry, no respond, etc. We do well but it is on the edge.

I asked @felixgarciap to join, said we make an exception if it comes to the 200 words but I doubt he understands that. I asked it by now 4 times.

I have no idea what the founding members do. Some I do see posting but no respond. I wonder if there is still a reason to mention them if they don't care.

Let me know if you need something. If it comes to the prize we should not give it. Olivia's contests and others do well too. It's more the subject people have to like.

I already made some changes. See my contest of today. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend. 💕

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Hello @wakeupkitty and @marblely sorry for the delay in answering the question about the promotion of the Liricam Poetry contest last night at the last minute I saw the message but I immediately cut the internet until this time I am responding. As the dynamics of #CCC is 200+ words that is why I had not considered it, but now @wakeupkitty told me about the exception for the contest. Tomorrow, the # 24 call will close and now for # 25 I will announce the support of # Team-ccc for the contest. I will include the conditions of the league. Thanks for your consideration.

@felixgarciap That is great! Welcome to the team! We are, the member, CCC. The poetry contest will be an exception on this rule. @team-ccc will give upvotes to those who use the tag and invitation.

@olivia08 will be happy too. ❤️

Yes, welcome to the community.

@olivia08 He was already a member but now he is a part of the contest team. We even changed the rules for him. Isn't that great. Poetry, Lyricks, rhymes will do us good and deserve more attention.

@felixgarciap ease let me know on which day/date the new contest starts. I could not find it back on your account. ❤️

Nice to hear that.@wakeupkitty

You should change your prizes and the rewarding everyone. None of us here is doing it the way once it was. Let pick the wheel a winner or one yourself and some reward for joining. That should be it. Encouraging words are appreciated too. This is the only way to keep hosting. 💕

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Saludos. Gracias por informar que se puede delegar un poco a @team-ccc. Lo haré.
Para @marblely, voy a pasar mi traducción de mi publicación, para evitar el retraso al leer ella. Es bueno enterar a todos, de los problemas por los que ustedes pasan. Así el que esté interesado puede ayudar.

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@cuddlekitten hi cuddlekitten. What a cute glasses ❤️