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in actifit •  10 months ago  (edited)

Off I went! Looking for the beauty around me! Normally my eye is drawn to nature but today’s walk lead me downtown and to the more man made.

Still, the weather was right for a walk and I ended up intentionally getting another 30 minutes of steps on top of this mornings #AutomaticWin! (Screen Capture Proof is at the bottom of this post.)

The first thing I noticed was the art pieces!


I just love this one! The black background draws the eye to the Japanese style waves! 🌊

Waves are all about sweeping change! Energy in flux. Emotionally, however, I am reminded to BE THE BEACH 🏝! If someone is emotionally stirred up... they are the wave and being the wave takes WAY more energy than being the beach! Matching energy with energy and becoming a wave 🌊 crashing against another wave 🌊 only escalates the problem. Shifting your state and becoming the beach... Now that’s the way!

So life has taken a turn for the worse? It’s going to be ok. You are going to be ok! Just breath... and be the beach! 🏝The sand can take a pounding. It’s warm and inviting... but also calm, consistent, and steady. Being grounded and present allowing the emotionally charged situation to wash over and on by defuses the situations you may find yourself in. Being calm, centered, and taking the time to simply breath... well! These are concepts Mr. Miyagy in Karate Kid would tell Danielson and I’m telling you... there’s something to it! The waves eventually subside and calm returns... so just breath, let the waves do what the waves are going to do, and BE the BEACH.

So that’s what this photo reminds me of!

I don’t know why... but this next photo was an eye catching one! You just never know when your going to see something strange! I had to chuckle because there is just something funny about this one! How about this! Write me a caption for what this girl with the octopus arms is saying/thinking and I’ll give the person with the best comment a #HighFive & 5 Steem! 😆

This one filled a complete wall! I can see the artists talent but I can’t quite interpret the meaning they are attempting to convey! Anyone have any ideas? The blue girl is holding something strange in her basket (bamboo pods of rice?!) and it looks like she has some bottled commercial product slung on her shoulder like a gun slinger from a Jedi Western! Guess I’ll never know... but art is interesting that way. When you look at an art piece you get a glimpse into the mind of the person who created it! Mind touches mind and the viewer walks away with a changed state of implicit or explicit awareness. That in it’s self is intriguing don’t you think?

And this black and white says it all for me! What a beautiful quote!


And this one... my final selection out of all the interesting things I saw on today’s #WednesdayWalk / #AdventureWalk made me think about the Steem Blockchain! We are all here using creative force to collectively change the world and make it a better more free place! As individuals we stand together from all parts of the world to break out of the brick walls that limit us! Creative ideas valued collectively here on the Steem Blockchain have the power and potential to re-write history. We leave behind the artifacts we care about and they make up a trail of multi-coloured bricks to build an all new way to curate and generate content! And it’s not just another bathroom wall. What we create here on the Steem Blockchain does have value...no matter what the price of Steem currently is.

Thank you all for reading today’s post!

BIG shout out to @tattoodjay for his work here on the Steem Blockchain. If you haven’t checked out his @actifit posts please check them out if you enjoy beautiful photos!

After all! That’s why I was inspired to go on today’s walk. Seeing his posts inspired me to slow down and look for the magic all around!

You never know what’s waiting out there and it’s all around! Even a 5-10-15 min. #WednesdayWalk can open your eyes!

Thank you for making the Steem Blockchain a better place Jay!

See you all tomorrow for yet another day and another post with @actifit!

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Certified Personal Trainer




Today’s #AutomaticWin

Daily Activity,Walking,Weight Lifting

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That's some truly awesome street art you found! I especially enjoy the blue girl – the quality and scale are equally impressive! Thank you for sharing. :)

Here's a different sort of 'street art' for ya – as seen on the streets of Agra, near the Taj Mahal in India.


found this post via #pypt

That's some pretty creative 'street art' @zipporah! Did you take this one?! The little guy is pretty cute!

Thank you for your comment. :)

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Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

Be the beach
I love that saying it’s so true and how I try to be for the most part but never heard it explained that way
As for that second mural it is interesting and intriguing I to wonder what the artist is trying to convey
As for a caption I am having a complete brain fade for ideas

Love the words in the last mural

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks for reading and commenting Jay! I'm glad you enjoyed my post! And I'm glad I went on a #WednesdayWalk yesterday! It's all thanks to you!

This morning I checked this post and realized that some of the photos didn't upload from the @actifit app correctly. I took a moment to add in the missing and sideways photos and edit some of the text/format!

Now it should be much easier to come up with a caption for the octopus girl! I look forward to whatever you and others come up with! :D

OK Now it makes more sense with the photos added I was wondering when I saw it, and a caption for that Hmmm let me think while. Do the rest of my comment

What looking at your post made me raise is. Messed up the last two days with the automatic win i mentioned it in the post but totally forgot to add it as a tag Duh getting old must be affecting my memory LOL, lets see f I can do it right today

And shows how my memory is going i just realized I did not do the automatic win yesterday so went and removed the tag from that post

Ok I have waffles on enough now let me think of a caption

OK I know this s weak but best I can come up with

Once she gets a grip of you she never lets go

hahahaha! Nice caption entry Jay! :D

Once she gets a grip on you she never lets go!

It's gripping art to be sure! It's always interesting to notice what grabs your attention... I think a girl walking down the street with octopus arms would certainly grab mine!

I just posted this #WednesdayWalk post in the #Contest secton of the @actifit discord! I hope that more people join in on writing captions (what shes saying or thinking or what could be said about this art piece) here in the comments bellow!

Let the FUN begin! :D

That would be cool to see what others come up with
It is a interesting piece of art for sure
I to went fir art again for my actifit photos for tonight’s post

Ok @tattoodjay! You probably thought I forgot about this post and my caption contest but I have not! I'm back from a 2 week break from the Steem Blockchain! Feels good to be back! :)

Now to the business at hand! The business of rewarding the winning caption! Guess what! Only 2 people left captions. You and @enginewitty! And I got a laugh from both so I'm going to hand out 2 #HighFive's so that means 5 Steem for you and 5 Steem for @enginewitty.

Thank you for participating and thank you for inspiring me to go on a #WednesdayWalk! I'll have to do that again soon! :)

our right i had forgotten about that contest and thanks so uch for the steem :)


hahaha! Yeah! I let it slip for awhile hoping that more people would leave captions oh well! :)

I'll have to try that again for kicks! :)


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Absolutly amazing paintings and shots... Im a BIG fan of Street art and this is truly cool art.
Would be so awsome to be able to se the artists paint and bring their arts Alive 😉

Thank you for sharing and this on PYPT
Was a joy to se.

Thank you so much for taking a look at the post and it’s featured art!

Annnnd! Thank you for the Shade! That’s pretty Sweet! If you would like a chance to win a #HighFive and 5 Steem from me leave a comment containing a possible caption for the girl with the octopus arms! What is she saying? What, perhaps, is she thinking? What can be said about what she is doing?

Whoever comes up with the best caption will win the 5 Steem!

And tell your friends! I think it’s worth a laugh or two! 😆

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Heard of a contest on PYPT...my caption is

Tadaaa! Wait, what??? Stupid Sea Witch.

Thank you for participating in the caption contest @enginewitty! I decided to reward you and @tattoodjay with 5 Steem each for your participation! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my #WednesdayWalk post! #HighFive!

Hahaha! That’s to funny! So the sea witch cursed her or blessed her with those octopus arms? 😆

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So glad you joined us on PYPT and shared this post with the lovely artwork! Since it was already past pay-out, I gave a 100% upvote to the next post that will pay-out for you, your Steemiversary post! 😃

I'm #DoublingBack here to your comment @thekittygirl! I took some time off from the Steem Blockchain to recharge and regroup. Now I'm READY to bring my best self again! :)

Thank you for up-voting on my 1 year Steemiversary post and commenting here on this one! Honestly it was really great talking with you and @shadowspub on PYPT nearly a month ago... ALREADY! Woah!

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The wednesday walk and actifit are such a perfect combination. 10k steps is legit and I love seeing the little glimpses of the community.

Congrats on getting unmuted on #pypt! ;)

I do as well @zekepickleman! It's like @tattoodjay say's... It's a great way to travel digitally! I think combining a photo walk with @actifit and the Steem Blockchain is a WIN/WIN/WIN all around! #HighFive! 🙌

It was really great hanging out with all of you on the #pypt yesterday! And HEY! Your right! It's always a good thing to be unmuted! hahaha! :D

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