How to take care the flowers (My Actifit Report Card: January 28 2020)

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Flowers are part of a universe that has universal beauty. The beauty of a flower becomes its own attraction to be enjoyed at any time.

Therefore, having a flower plant near the house becomes a separate therapy, therapy to be fresher and healthier in life and also happier.

Then, how to care for flowers properly? Sourced from here :

The steps to take care of a good and true flower are as follows:

1.Choosing The Right Pot For Flowering

2.Land Selection for Crop Media

The best soil for flowering is fertile soil, it is easy to absorb water and contains enough nutrients. Such land can be easily bought at the orchard. But for those of you who want to make your own lush land of humus, here are some ways:

-Mainly textured soils (not clay).

-Sandland (1/10 part of mainland)

-Dried root and small twigs of plants and then finely cut

-Chopsticks and sawdust are sufficient
-Insert fertilizer or organic matter sufficiently

-EM4 solution and sugar

Creation Steps:

-Mix all the ingredients on top (except for EM4 solution and sugar)

-Make an EM4 solution with sugar and let it sit for at least 24 hours

-Dip the EM4 solution into the soil mixture and various organic materials

-Cover and leave for at least 2 weeks

-Lush humus soil is ready to be used to plant flowers.

The humus ground dough is then put into pots for later flowering.

3.Put it in order to get enough sunlight

4.Proper Fertilization

Good fertilizer for ornamental plants or flowers is a fertilizer that has been completely decomposed by decomposing bacteria, especially for manure. Avoid giving fertilizer manure that is not yet bamboo because the process of decomposing the manure will increase the temperature of the soil so that the roots of the flowering plant will die if given manure (animal dung).

How to make bokashi fertilizer is as follows:

-Prepare the manure / compost

-Make EM4 + Sugar solution

-Keep the solution cool for at least 24 hours

-Sprinkle on the manure / compost fertilizer and cover.

-Let it sit for at least 2 weeks

-After 2 weeks the fertilizer is ready to use.

5.Regular Flowering

6.Routine feeding

7.Pruning of Flowering Branch

8.Replacement of Soil and Pot

Due to the water being drained, the soil in the pot will become damp and eventually become hard. Grass and root crops have also been decomposed so that the soil is not lush anymore. This usually happens after the pot is 5-7 months old after planting.

At this kind of landscaping, your mother needs to do a replacement of the land. This soil replacement should be extra careful not to damage the pot or cut down the decoration of the ornamental plant too badly. In pots of clay, you can choose to replace the pot or the pot, as it will be very difficult to separate the pot from the pot without damaging the roots or damaging the pot. As for the pot of plastic then the method is as follows:

-Prepare the replacement land first

-In a pot of plastic, you can tap the outside of the pot so that the soil inside the pot will separate from the pot and become lush.

-If that is not enough, then you can use cement paint to bend the edges of the soil

-If the stem is strong enough you can pull the plants apart so that the soil is separated from the pots

-If the stem of the plant is not strong then you should flip the pot while holding the soil down to avoid falling with the plant

-The plants are already separated from the pots so you can quickly prepare new soil

-Clean soil from plant roots using water

-Put the roots back in the pot and pile them with new soil

Avoid damaging the roots too much and do not forget to give fertilizer as you change the soil. Immediately drain the plants when the soil is changed.

9.Inspection of Pot Circulation Hole

10. Environmental Conditioning of Flowers

11. Pest Control and Disease

Thats All
I hope this is helpful

Try to use activit by yourself


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