My Actifit Report Card: August 28 2019

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Over the past few months I have been healing from knee replacement surgery. I had decided to start up my Actifit posting again. Why had I not thought of doing these posts so you all could be part of my support group cheering me on? *sigh*

She looks at me with judgement in her eyes.

So, let's start where I am, after finishing physical therapy and getting my release to go back to work, I am doing well. I am working out to strengthen my lower body and have endurance to deal with daily life. It has been a major life change for us and we have noticed it is touch every aspect of our lives. Our eating has changed and our focus on exercise as well. It has really opened our eyes to many things.

Today we got out of our normal routine and went outside for a bit. Because of the flooding we were not able to spend time at the local lake. We ventured out to the nearby recreation area to see how things turned out now that the waters had gone down. It was beautiful and well worth the drive and walk.

We did venture out to WalMart to take a look at bikes. I found one that was a three speed and a forward pedaling system. Plus it has a parrot for a horn! Don't look at me like that, you know you want one too!

Good night all and see you tomorrow.




Cheering you on from France! You'll be up to 10k before you know it! Take care, Ren!

I would be happy if that were on a mountain trail! Thank you.

I million step journey starts slowly.

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It does; one step at a time. :)

So great to see you getting out and about

Definitely feel better getting out and moving. I had been missing the parks.

I DO want a parrot for a horn!!!!

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I know, right!

I wish you a great recovery!!! Parrot horns are unheard of!! Hahaha of course we all want that 😛

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I am hoping they still have it when I am able to get the bike. I just watched a video by Ali Spagnoli where she put a drum set on her bike. So, completely normal!

How beautiful on the lake! Is it with filters?

That is part of Lake Keystone just outside of Tulsa OK. I just took the photo with my phone, no filters. It was just really pretty at the moment and I was lucky enough to catch it!

Great job on the recovery @xcountytravelers

I have seen how tough a knee replacement can be to rehab but the good news is that if you put the time in, it can be as good as new.

Keep up the good work.


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Most definitely. I am taking the rest of the year to get it back to where I want to be and lose about 50 pounds. Life is crazy.

Glad to hear you are doing well on your way to healing. As for that parrot horn..........Yes definitely everyone needs a parrot horn ha ha ha it is the coolest thing on a bike.

Thank you. Haha, i totally agree with you!

Ha ha — who wouldn’t want a parrot for a horn? It makes perfect sense! 😁

Glad to hear you are on the mend. It must be so trying to limit your activity when you are used to being active! I love the rear view mirror picture.

I know right! I am completely sold on the idea.

Thanks so much. Today I got really active and cleaned out closets, purged close I didnt' want any longer and then did all the laundry. How awesome is that! I am exhausted. haha.

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Have a great recovery :)