Play this game and get Ethereum coins to Coinbase

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Hi everyone, I found a game that appreciated with Ethereum Coins, if you are interested please download this game and download the market.

This is a game display that I have installed

If you like this game and want to get instant prizes with ethereum coins, CLICK HERE to get the game.

The way to claim this reward is to enter Ethereum address in the game wallet. Copy Ethereum address in coinbase and then paste into Popcoin in game wallet.

This is the result that I have claim from game

Twitter. Instagram. Linkedin. Youtube. Tumblr. Reddit.

Sorry the explanation is incomplete, because I'm not mood to write 🏃‍♂️🤔🤔🤔😴


What does this have to do with sports?

Hi @pele23. That's a game promotion, if that's not appropriate in the Flag

That's a good job @pele21, thanks for the appreciation

Hello there @azirgraff.
Thank you for the using the realityhubs tag. This game seems to be a really interesting one. Also, it's nice that it rewards the player. However, this review is really short; I believe you could have elaborated more concerning it. Your personal thoughts and rating are also necessary.

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Hope there are more your thought about this game. Look forward to your next review.

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