It's my 3rd steemiversary

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Today is my 3 years on steemit. This could be enough to express my feelings but it is more than it. I have walked a long way with steemians together. So my achievement on steemit was not for my effort but also for the people I was able to meet here. I am so happy that I was able to meet awesome people here.

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Last three years, I developed @SchoolForSDG4, @WomenEmpowerment and community project @Steemitbd. All off them are doing very well and based on steem blockchain. My recent project @SocialBot is doing great so far and I am happy that people are delegating not only for the profit but to bring real impact globally.

A lot you helped me to be myself for the last three years. Thanks a lot

I was invited by a friend 3 years ago. We are still a good friend and it's about 6 years we are a good friend over online. He is from Germany. I like Germany and people I know from there are really awesome. I met a lot of good friend from there.

There are more to say about my journey on steemit. The recent development is that @SchoolForSDG4 got a new curation bot and we are now able to curate post more wisely from discord.

I am glad to start my journey with SteemMonsters which is also more than 1 year ago. Right now I am doing great with SM cards worth enough for me.


I am sure many of you would like to play the game, please check it out and find some investment opportunity for you there. You are going to win for sure :)

I have not invested any money online. Whatever I received in crypto world or steemit the last three years is from steemit only. I am quite happy with my 3 years journey.

There are more ways to help my project too. If you are an investor and would like to earn for your support, Please Send me a DM on discord #azizbd2850 . Please check our the delegators benefits from @SocialBot. I am trying to make sure the supporters have nearly zero opportunity cost but here you can fund my projects through @SocialBot.


1000SP, 2000SP, 3000SP, 5000SP, 10000 SP.

N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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Yeay 😉👍CONGRATS! 🎉🎈🏆
Happy 3 years anniversary on steem.
That is an amazing achivement and its crazy how time flies isn't it? 😊
Well deserved to celebrate. Wish you all The best of luck in The future on steem to. May it be full of joy and blessings.. As for success.
Made Respect 🙏 cheers! 🌹

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Thank you for your wishes. It was so quick and I feel I am still new to learn more things here and there. You know a lot of development recently we made here. Hope you have a nice journey too.

Happy Steemiversary, my friend! Have a !COFFEEA

Thank you very much dear. I really feel happy to have a lot of good friends here. It's morning here and just waiting for coffee :) Thanks for it.

Woah 3 years, now that’s a milestone to celebrate! Congrats! 🚀

Thank you for the wish. It was really a nice journey especially last 1.5 years. But as you know price is not good to smile right now. Hope tribes will help to get more users, investors and development of it. Thank you for your support. <3

Congratulations dear Aziz! You work incredibly hard and hope to see you another 3 years :-)

I feel happy to be here always. It is true that I have a lot to do but not sure if I can do all properly, I wish if I could make posts every day from school account at least. But I am glad to see all the progress and opportunities after 3 years. Expecting more about the price. Hope to see you next three years with me <3. Have a nice day.

wow, crazy that you did not put any money into this, good story!

Yes. But at the very beginning of this journey, I was really absent because of no idea about crypto. But I tried some trading when I got some steem in hand and made it little more. But I think I could make more money if I was more active. Also, my projects @SchoolForSDG4 @SteemitBD and @WomenEmpowerment are also grown organic way and without any financial investment.

Happy Birthday To Steemit of Aziz Vai.

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Thanks bro.

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Congratulations @azizbd

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