Set An Example And Ban Him For Life


I saw this clip today after last nights game and I was disgusted with what I saw. Myles Garritt ripped off the quarter backs helmet and then hit him over the head with it.

I don't mind a fair punch up as that is all part of the game and it happens. Taking someones helmet and using it as a weapon is just not right. I would definitely call it a career ender as it should be a life ban from the sport. Some may say that is too harsh, but I would disagree. The NFL announced that he has been suspended indefinitely and there has to be a hearing for this. What is he going to say an apology with a "sorry". There is nothing to say, the guy is 23 and he really messed up and cheers.

When these types of things happen the disciplinary has to make sure everyone gets the message loud and clear. We all know in rugby if you strike a referee you will receive a lifetime ban. If Garritt gets a suspension for a few games or even 1 year then the officials are way too soft. My problem is Garritt wasn't sorry or remorseful afterwards and these guys think they are above the law of the game.

Garrett: “A win is a win. ... I don’t think it’s overshadowed by what happens in 8 seconds.” All I can say if that is how he really feels and can't see what he did was very wrong then he needs to be taught a severe lesson.

This type of thing will happen again and maybe the player on the receiving end won't be so lucky. Garritt is a thug and wouldn't last 5 minutes playing a sport without padding. This I just find unacceptable and he needs to be made an example of to players to show them what will happen if you do this type of thing.

There is nothing wrong with playing a sport hard and fair and that is the way it should be. We had players who threw some cheap shots during matches and they were dealt with and regretted what they did. You never intentionally try and hurt someone and there was definite intent here. That is the difference as it was not the heat of the moment as that is bull as the moment had passed and he carried on. This tells me he has no place on the field and deserves to have a lifetime ban.

I doubt it will happen as authorities today are weak and like to give a second chance because that is the right thing to do in their eyes. The NFL will try and make it look better than it actually was as they are defending their product. All it will do is send out the wrong signal until someone gets brain damaged or worse dies on the field. For me they are both very lucky as it wasn't a proper connection and could have been so much worse.


yeah, this shit is ridiculous. There should be no question that this clown, regardless of his 1st round draft should be severely punished. No amount of "my badz" should count in his apology. No stupid meaningless fine that goes to a kids charity. A ban for the rest of the season at minimum. Then we talk about whether or not this clown is allowed to ever play the game again.

That is not fair for the game. I have not always been a fan of this game because of the nature of the game. But this is taking it too far and action should be taken

I agree with you about the nfl not giving him a lifetime ban as they don’t really punish players that harshly. However I do feel that they should ban him for a longer time then vontaze burfict because at least you could argue that Burfict was making a play. We’ll see what happens but probably isn’t the last time you will see Garrett play.

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A lil victim blaming but Rudolph poked the bear and the bear won. It’s not right to try to kill a man on a football field but since he wasn’t the only person involved I wouldn’t ban him for life.

But he should get a good 10 - 12 games and a SUPER fine thine though. One of the craziest things I’ve seen in sports history.

It was definitely pretty crazy. Had the helmet been turned a different way he could have seriously injured the other player. It is pretty inexcusable as far as I am concerned.

We want his blood and to eat him raw!

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