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Hello Everyone!

I think it's time to continue with the 24th edition of our contest

So basically, the theme will be almost the same like make a comment down there and u can win 500 SPORTS but I made some changes as per the current behavior of the reward pool. Also, I'm not sure but it seems like SBI has decreased their upvote rates and that is the main reason for removing SBIs reward.

Rules you need to follow for the contest

  1. All what u need to do is make a comment down there (like I'm in, etc)
  2. Upvote the Post with at least 70% of your VP.
  3. Resteem is not necessary, however, you will get a chance to get some extra rewards for resteem.
  4. The Winner will get 500 SPORTS and Two other Random participants will get 50 SPORTS each.
  5. Rewards will be distributed every Sunday.
  6. Rewards will increase as the number of VALID participants increase.

Also, I created an invite list for this contest, if you don't want to be included in that list please let me know via comment. Thanks
@acido1120, @aggamun, @aloha-creations, @alokkumar121, @antoniarhuiz, @apenny, @bitandi, @barmbo, @cadawg, @certain, @chris94, @cryptof, @cruis, @darthgexe, @davidesimoncini, @definethedollar, @elbrava, @elgranpoeta, @erixink, @fredkese, @flxlove, @gamemods, @gillianpearce, @giocondina, @jmehta, @johndoer123, @kirstin, @mimismartypants, @mmunited, @monsterbuster, @muscara, @muaznotfi, @mrnightmare89, @olivia08, @onestopfacts, @onebiz, @orjantomarcelo, @qwerrie, @rachaeldwatson, @roshne, @sacra97, @silent678, @simonjay, @wakeupkitty, @wongbraling, @zyzzyva


Here's 100% and even a

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Hey there, I would like to entry

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I'm in

so you wanna a 70% upvote from me?
ok, I am fine with it. take it!
take even 72%


ooh u seems like u offended,..might be

by 70 I just mean an upvote that's it. u know like today when I was just checking out the stats I got that less than 10% participants were upvoting the contests.
and the main reason for upvote is SBI not doing great these days. (I got 170shares but still getting like 0.08 or 0.05even when posting in two days). Hope u got the point and u don't mind man.

By the way, is she ur baby girl....? she is beautiful.

seems like u offended,.

! no, I just have a dark humour, maybe.

its not me on the pic, its my babygirl -- and the pyramid we made. I consider its a bit symbolic, stacking result from many little efforts. Hope you like it.

less than 10% participants were upvoting the contests.

hmmm... what a sadly statistics. well, probably it is in the human' s nature, and nothing we can do about it. Personally, I try to upvote the contests I like... even the ones that I plan to enter but dont enter, eventually. We need to support each other, uh?

by the way, I'd like to make you aware of a nice PhotoChain contest by @davidesimoncini, have a look. it (may be) a lot of fun.. and some SBI.
I have the same something like 140-150 SBI tokens... and some slender upvotes... I have nothing to compare the upvoting results with, frankly speaking... I dunno how it was in 'before us' era

oooh... woow


Oke, I'm In. Sure, Let me join this event. I'm happy there is contest like this, very interesting. Thank You Very Much to Mention Me and invite to this contest.

Let's make Steem be Champion in the Sport Competition of the Cryptocurrencies.


Lets Ride Fast, and Fly High of Steem ;)


Thanks mate..
I really appreciate this.

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coffeea Lucky you @iampolite here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

I'm in!


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I'm in 😃

@armymalaya curate 80

Well done !!! You got upvote from @armymalaya
We are supporting all the good work. Keep it up!

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1st contest?

Un nuevo token que no conozco tanto, el deporte un interesante nuevo token relacionado con los deportes, gracias por la invitación @iampolite

eres bienvenido @sacra97