⛹️ How do i compete with this beast! 🏀 Madame Tussads📍 That's what makes me wonder ...

in appics •  6 months ago 

... actually - How is the APPICS team able to work and compete with Mainstream social media platforms! Hats off to them and their passion, because I'm very sure they must have faced instances where people must have tried to oppose them and stop APPICS from being launched in the first place! And yet we are here.. testing the app! 😇👍🏻
Waiting eagerly for how the future unfolds on this blockchain journey 😎


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No need to compete. He is retired already 😅

Haha! Yeah thats the only way I'd win!😉

On the other hand, Yao Ming was an absolutely miss match problem when he used to play in the NBA. Still remembering his game how he dominated the boards.

love this game💖

LOL 😂 you look so small to compare

Yeah! That exactly was my reaction! 😉😆