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Any content shared under #sportstalk should be in relation to sports in some fashion or another. Any posts that don’t tie back to our vision will be considered spam and should not be supported. Community Guidelines

What is the image actually saying? Is it related to sport or not?

The image is actually saying nothing. A guy is fixing his socks or shoes. No, it's not related to sport.

You think uploading a photo is enough?

What are the scopes to follow now?

These are the Community Guidelines everyone has to follow. Please read it.
If you want to use apix, I have nothing against it, but you must add a text that is related to sport and not just two sentences. Let me give you a scenario.
If you go to a football match with your friends, you can write about the match. Describe it, use your photos you've taken at the event. That is sportstalk. Or you can comment on an event. Either way, try to post valuable content as you get more followers and support, you can build yourself a community.

Thank you very much for the great adv! I promise you'll see changes in my posts

Hi @referee10, I never expected you to to add my name on @sportsinfo /referee decision anymore. You earned me already and I tried making changes. You reported after we both settle things and gave me clue bank on how I'm gonna make the best of my posts. Pls help get something done to this.

Sportsinfo is automated and lists all the posts that are not expired yet. There is nothing we can do about it.
However, don't worry about sportsinfo, your posts are going to expire soon and your name won't be on the list anymore.

You've promised us you're going to change and we believe you. We're looking forward to seeing your posts. Good luck!