Hockey Night in Canada. I took my wife and her cousin from Trinidad to their first ...

in appics •  6 months ago 

... ever NHL game....Oilers vs Sabres. Edmonton lost. So a unicorn cried tonight....


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You in Edmonton? I am.

Must have been fun hosting someone for the first NHL game!

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yup. south side. there’s quite a few steemians in edmonton. been thinking of starting some meet ups in 2020. they had a blast too. lots of fun.

Love going to NHL games, I used to go watch the Canucks games when I lived near Vancouver.So cool for her to see her first Nhl game, They are a lot of fun.

Yeah I told him it was his official 'Canadian experience' lol

I am a Canucks fan but im all about McDavid and Draisaitl in my Hockey Pool!!

Yeah I'm a Leafs fan first, but the Oilers are my new adopted team LOL

Haha, thats for sure and of course Saturday Hockey Night in Canada, lol!!