Long reach on a tricky V4 problem. Made it 2 moves from the end before slipping ...

in #appicslast year

... off.

Satisfied with a solid lunchtime boulder session. Gonna try to go consistently about 3x/week -- maybe a couple longer sessons in the evenings.


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Awesome dude! I still haven't managed to work bouldering back in with my elbow issues, but I'm hopefully not too far away...

Ah yeah, I hear you. I actually jiggered my wrist in like... May of last year, and it's still giving me some intermittent pain. If I pull too hard, I can almost feel it 'pop out' (out of whatever it was 'in'... I'm apparently not a physician or physiotherapist). Probably doesn't help that I can working it hard.

Need to put some time to my own rehab.

How goes the new(ish) job and your NinjaTraining?

Nice! I'm getting about half an hour a day on my wall. I just put up a new line today but didn't have time to work on it. Tomorrow.

That's rad! Wish I had a bouldering wall at home. I used to have a pretty sweet hangboard setup w/ pulleys for counter-weighting on tiny crimps -- but I've since moved into an apartment. Used to get a SOLID work out just about every other day, and was when I was at my strongest.

Gotta figure out a good way to train at home (though, the gym I go to is only about 3 blocks away.. so maybe I just need more discipline).

Looking forward to seeing your climbing this summer, and sharing my own adventures!

It was all I could do today to not buy more holds. Mtn Gear is open for only 3 more days before it shuts forever and the hold packages are a screamin deal.

3 blocks should make that a daily excursion to the gym! Totally need to set the habit of going!

If you do get down this way for a climbing trip you have a place to park or crash!

That is amazing!!! 💪👍

Thanks, bruh!