My son looks forward to his swimming classes each week. Since moving to his new swim ...

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... classes, he has been learning so much, and the new pool even has water slides which he loves going on. Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy going on the water slides too. :) This week, our daughter came along to the pool as well. She can't wait 'til she is able to start swim classes too.


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Thats really cool. You are doing perfectly good by training him swimming at such an early age.

Smile, i love swimming too but scared of too much water. Hahahahaha...

Hehe. :)

I have never learned to swim... it is good that your children learn from small, so they have more fun on the beaches and swimming pools.

Yeah, there’s so much water-related activities in Australia, so it’s really important for the kids to learn to swim Otherwise, it can be a bit dangerous.