We recently bought a foosball table on sale, and we thought it would be a great gift ...

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... for the kids. It kept them occupied for the first day, but they never touched the table ever since. But instead, my wife and I have been having lots of fun with it. :)


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always wanted one growing up, great gift

Hehe, yeah I didn’t realize it was so much fun. I promise it was meant for the kids, but...

I'm not much og a gambling man but I'd wager the princess will win that match up 😁

Hehe yep, she won by using her hand to put the ball in the goal. :)

hahahahahahaha goooooooooool.
God grant this year the desires in your heart, and bless your family. and everything you undertake.
In Venezuela it is still 2019 hahahaha.

Thank you. Happy new year! Blessings for the year ahead.

That game is cool, I've played it a couple of times.

Wow. I love tablesoccer I sometimes played it as well with my Junior Bro when he came for the Christmas holiday. It was fun.💞🎀

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Yeah, it’s a lot of fun.