My daughter always wants what her brother has. I think she wants to start on swimming ...

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... lessons soon too. :)


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The little ones always want everything from the big brothers hahahaha ....

Haha yeah so true, they all want to be like their older siblings.

This little girl stole my heart. Nonstop talking, smiling and asking many questions. Always asking what is in my coffee cup. Blessings. Brother!

Haha, yes she is adorable. She still mentions daddy William when she asks me to lift her up high, because daddy William lifted her up and she could touch the roof. :)
Hope you’re doing well brother. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you’ll get to go back to your family soon.
Btw, come and check out the Christian Fellowship Community if you have time. It’s a lot more active now that Communities have gone live.

Sounds great brother! I just commented on your last community post.

Sounds great brother! I
Just commented on your last
Community post.

                 - mhm-philippines

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