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I'm at a point in my life that going to the gym at least twice a week is a must. It's not about having the "six-pack" or "big arms" anymore.

It's really more about just staying fit and feeling good about yourself everyday.

Yeah, it's cool to have a great physique and all but it's more than that. It's about dedication, setting goals, accomplishing them and becoming the best version of yourself.

Like I stated many times before, working out is a very small part of my life. It's just a thing I do for a few hours a month....

I'm just to damn busy these days :)

For those who want to get in shape, it doesn't take that much time. Just stop eating all the time and push your body for couple hours a week. That's It!

It will change your life for the better.

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick post and document my "little" fitness journey with all my peeps. If it motivated anyone to get started, I think that would be awesome!

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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I intentionally go to my gym when i know that no one else is going to be around. Between 2 and 5 pm is a pretty golden period. I thought it would be at night but there are actually a lot of gym bros that have (I presume) regular jobs and that is the time they arrive. They also tend to be the "screamers" who are lifting more than they should and they are the most annoying type of gym-dweller in my mind.

Training became a very serious part of my life about a year ago, although i dabbled in the past. One benefit of this routine, as I am sure you are aware, is the fact that you can "drop out" a bit and still maintain the benefits.

I got stung by a bee on my face recently, and because i am allergic, half of my head looked either like Arnold at the end of Total Recall or the rich guy that pays to hunt down Dr. Lecter at the beginning of the movie Hannibal. Therefore, i stayed at home for a while and and also wasn't really watching my diet. Even though i skipped the gym for nearly a week and was being irresponsible with my diet, i got on the scales yesterday and actually weighed slightly less than I did a week before.

Win / win.

My goals in the gym right now are increasing the strength of my hamstrings. I am a pretty decent beast on all types of weights in the gym but was stunned when i struggled with 4 plates (out of around 20) with 12 rep sets.

MAN, we think alike. I've always been hittin the gym around 1-3pm for years... its seems like the sweet spot of less people.

I've been slackin' for like 3 months, it tends to happen to me during the fall and winter months but usually get right back at it after thanksgiving. I want to be pretty fit before the new years lol

There is nobody else in that gym! ahah🏋️‍♂️

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I think most people are at home watching tv and stuffing their faces 😂😂😂😂

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Or reading my STEEM shitposts lool🤓😂

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I hope you post this after your workout, lol. Going to the gym for mirror sets and posts will only delay your fitness goals

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Sometimes haha

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Haha, Get Pumping @stackin Lol!! Better you then me!

Winter is here and I have to lose my body jacket lol

Hahaha, I have complete faith in you my friend!!💪💪💪

That’s alright. Atleast u dont have to fight for a bench or 12kg dumbbells 💪

27 lbS is still a lot for most people 😂😂😅

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That’s way your gym is empty 😂

That is so true. Eat a little less, move a little more. I don’t want to oversimplify too much, because a lot of people really struggle with weight and body image. But those two things are a great duo.

Yes! Keeping it simple lol

..May you should call a few friends, if you want to move all this stuff...

Na, it’s my alone time for myself 😂

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..yes, time (and weights) for yourself is worth a lot..enjoy..

Lol perhaps you should start first

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I tried, they are to heavy 😅

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Hahaha! Love the caption buddy!

was going to say it must be a fri lol that is when i see it empty 😆😆