Apr. 20, 21: Teaching, Web Work, TV, and Games

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Celebrate good times, come on! Slept all the way till quarter of six and went to bed fairly early last night, so I actually got a solid, full night PLUS a half an hour! 😁😲 Didn’t end up getting out for a proper walk, but I didn’t drag too bad and got quite a bit accomplished.

Not a lot going on during the morning routine, just routine. Did my post and all the usual bloody bloody...a solid hour of dealing with H-E tokens, you know, normal life. 😛

For fu$&’s sake! It started snowing today, like proper big snowing all day that actually stayed on the ground and all over the trees and turned all the green back into white again. 😡

Kitty wasn’t feeling like being out in the cold, so he plopped in his new spot and took a nap:


I fired up the computer and got to work getting some grades entered into the system and giving overrides for students for next semester’s class.

Been procrastinating, but I did focus and get some web work done as well. I didn’t work so much on the site, per se, but I did make progress on getting my dev environment working better and created a local file, uploaded to the server, and got WordPress to recognize and use it. Still struggling a bit with the ftp, but my goal was to get a working copy on my local machine (done) and create a page template to start customizing it to what I want (done). 🤩

It’s basically a blank slate at the moment, but I can start making the site dynamic now and start building my own functions rather than trying to fit everything I’m doing into a “post” structure. I did figure out how to make custom post types and use the WordPress Loop to display them, but it required someone else’s code (plug-in) and then another plug-in to make that plug-in work (add metadata and custom fields)...too much going on that I don’t know or understand, so I’ll just do it myself, probably end up being easier anyway; at least I’ll know what does what and why.

Met with both of my Calculus classes today. Only one student showed up for the first class, but I still went through more than an hour of examples. I feel a little bad about the second class in that I plowed through a lot of info and didn’t do so many examples...hopefully I can make up for it by doing some more in the lecture video.

In between classes I did relax for a few minutes, but didn’t drag or start to fall asleep, just watched the last episode of Two Sentence Horror Stories. 😭 Grabbed a bowl of cereal for dinner and then got back to work again.

Had plenty of steps by then, so I didn’t have to bust out any laps or anything; after class I chatted a bit on Discord and watched some tube with the wife before bedtime...finished out the second season of Project Bluebook, got to find something else to watch again.

I guess you could kind of call it a calm day in dShitty...they’re only rioting today. Taxes are right back up where they were. 🤬💩 The fact that all this top-down supply control is necessary to sustain the token price should tell you that there’s little to no demand for it.


One day closer to just dumping it all over to Solairitas...I’m sending all my income over there anyway, I should probably save myself the trouble.


Got the ol’ Holybread tasks done again today. 😃 Already got the gold I need for one potion, but I am starting to come down to the wire on item repairs, so will need to spend a chunk here right quick.


I did actually get a weapon for my archer today, but it wasn’t any better than the one I already had. 😢 Still can’t beat the two guys in front of me, but holding at third. 💪



Just trying to rebuild my ingredient stack on CryptoBrewmaster. I don’t get what “fermentables” are any more. 😡 I got 2 row barley malt, but I guess that’s wrong for lagers. Getting well more complicated than it’s worth.

After classes today I briefly considered playing Splinterlands, but I was in a relatively good mood and didn’t want to ruin it.


Been a couple days now, so might try and finish that snipe quest that’s sitting there...

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