Apr. 26, 21: Recording a Calculus Video, Oculus, Napping, Laps, and Games

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Starting to feel a little bit bad now, three full days with no work on the website. 😢 I did have teaching stuff to do, and I did finally get that done, but that was about it.

Simply cannot seem to get my sleep in order. Up at five and a solid two hours short again. I had a tough time getting motivated at all, and it definitely caught up with me.

Had meant to do my recording yesterday, but was having trouble with the phone and then the house was too noisy to record with the washing machine and everything running, so I never did get back to it. So I got to it almost right away...ended up being a solid hour, but I feel better having gone over some examples.

After I did the usual morning routine and got my post done for the day, I started the upload. Took over an hour, so I couldn’t use the phone...laid down, but didn’t sleep; instead I watched a Japanese movie: Humunculus. Was pretty wild; guy drilled a hole in his head and could see the inner pain of other people, trippy kind of show and kept me awake.

We did see a massive pump over in the HIVE market, but we see this over and over...it’ll be right back at 900 Sats within a day, mark my words. There’s no shortage of large accounts willing to dump whenever the price goes any bit in their favor...and/or just speculators looking to fleece some suckers fomoing in.


Although seeing the HIVE price rise is generally a good thing, man it kills the payouts! Watched my payouts for the week get halved in a matter of minutes. 😢

Bitcoin looks like it’s recovering a bit as well...a bit scary dipping all the way down into the $40k’s, but might be on a nice, sustainable uptrend for the moment (got a nice 30-40 degree upward slope instead of parabolic).

Got up and grabbed a sandwich for lunch and still couldn’t really summon the oomph to do anything. Jacked in and played some more Wraith. Man, it’s friggin’ hard! I’m totally stuck with this tall guy hunting me. I did make some progress and save it so I didn’t have to keep redoing it, but just can’t seem to get past him. 😡

The motion is still getting to me on that one, not sure why, so between getting frustrated at dying repeatedly in the same spot and feeling woozy I quit out.

Not motivated even to play games anymore, I laid down and crashed out for a solid three hours. Didn’t feel too bad when I got up, and had a bite of the fish the Wenche made for dinner.

Had a shitton of steps left for the day since I spent most of it just lying there like a bump on a log, so I did some laps around the house to finish up. Kept the streak alive 💪, but it still drives me nuts that my trophy photo is off by four days. 😡

To be honest, I didn’t really feel like posting today, something about the “everydayness” that becomes relentless, but I suppose despite that fact I’ve at least said a little bit. Reflecting on the day before is a healthy mental exercise, provided you don’t spend the whole time just feeling bad about being unproductive...

Well, was nice that I got hit up by gerber today, takes a bit of the sting out of playing. Went over to get my pic for the day, but the server is currently under maintenance (they did put up a nifty gif on the maintenance page - looked very professional). Anyway, just sending stuff over to Solairitas regardless.


Definitely gotten tougher in the arena, but I was able to get all my Holybread tasks done for today. 🏆

I did get a new weapon for my archer, but it’s only just slightly better than the old one, not really enough to make any decisive difference.

Otherwise just saving back up gold and trying to get my top spot back.


I get knocked down, but I [will] get up again, you ain’t never going to keep me down!



Amazingly, I already got all the CryptoBrewmaster ingredients I needed for a brew. Got lucky this time and got a green lager worth almost ten CBM, nearly to a hundred that I could withdraw. Strangely I thought about this quite frequently today and so got several ingredients when usually I only get one or two a day.

I tried, I mean, I played Splinterlands for a bit, but it wasn’t fun and I didn’t do very well.


Didn’t complete my daily Dragon splinter quest or make any progress in the ranks...still screwed on the reset right now, so I basically HAVE to play to try and get back up to Diamond. 😡 I kinda’ knew it was over as soon as I clicked the button.


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