Jan. 20, 21: Oculus, Napping, Tutoring, Biden False Oath, TV, and Games

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Another rough night...made it to five but was still an hour short again. Pretty much crashed after I did the morning routine and got my post done. Slept for another solid two hours in the afternoon, which kinda’ caught me up a bit, but wasted a nice chunk of the day.

Bitcoin really pulling back today! Not seeing a lot of volume come in behind it, but rising...went all the way back to $32.5k! ETH pulling back as well, but we’re seeing a nice surge in HIVE...a good five percent, I’m lovin’ it!!! 😁

Today was Inauguration Day for the new US President. Seems to have gone more or less without a hitch...knew that the military presence was overblown, or perhaps the show of force prevented anything from happening, who knows? What I do know is that Biden took a false oath. He took the oath of the President of the United States (a federal corporation by their own law), the oath to the Democracy.



This, however, is supposed to be a Republic and he did not take that oath. Here is what the Constitution says:


There are literal quotes around it...none of this “I [insert name here] do solemnly swear [...] so help me God” crap. It isn’t there and hasn’t been amended, so he did not take the proper oath. Just one of the ways the United States lies to the American People.

Got a few questions from my students over on Discord throughout the day, so I got a chance to directly address some questions. Good to see them working on it and starting to open up with asking when they’re stuck. It’s frustrating when students blame me for making them learn on their own when they never ask any questions - had a student like that withdraw today...that’s ok, hopefully they’ll find the spoonfeeding they’re looking for.


Been resisting the urge since I’ve been spending a lot on Oculus games, but finally broke down and got the Timberland expansion for Beat Saber. Started playing through the songs and did up to expert on a few of them.

Had a serious sweat going and spent a good hour and a half at it. No doubt that Fitbit recognized this one!


Not much else going on. Still felt a little tired, but we did watch the rest of Atypical and started a new series: AJ and the Queen. It’s alright, but of course it’s a bunch of gender issue stuff.

I really wish I could watch TV or a movie without them trying to thought-shape me. It’s not that I find acceptance of others bad or anything, nor do I see anything wrong with being homosexual or the normalization of being gay or trans or whatever floats your boat. However, I don’t like being manipulated, especially emotionally, and it churns my stomach that most people don’t even recognize they’re being manipulated, even moreso when I’m simply looking to be entertained. 😡

Seems like H-E finally got back up after the DNS issues yesterday. No robbery in my dCity today, luckily, and only a small loss from the Natural Disaster. The taxes still suck, but at least the Law Firm is giving me a little relief.




Got my Holybread tasks done today, but the arena is definitely getting harder now. Got plenty of gold saved up already to renew potions, but still have a couple days left on the current ones.


Got knocked back to fifteenth again. 😢 Might make getting the arena wins a little easier, but I’m moving in the wrong direction.



Got some more yeast and aroma hops on CryptoBrewmaster today. Got enough ingredients for three or four brews now, except for the water, of course.


Guess they still can’t seem to get a handle on their tokenomics...they just increased the price to move tokens and pinged everyone in their Discord to get a role so they can boot the bots. I guess any time money is involved bad actors will spoil it for the rest of us.


While I had honestly intended to play some Splinterlands today, and I had plenty of time to do it, the browser window ended up sitting open again all day.

Kinda’ had designs on getting to Gold this season, but that would require me to play.


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